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How to Choose a Company That Provides Office Cleaning Services

To ensure a warm welcome for your customers, to comply with legislation, and for the well-being of your employees at work, cleaning your offices is very important. Whether it’s for a one-time intervention or for regular office cleaning services, the cleaning company must be chosen with care according to various criteria that we will present to you.

Choose a Cleaning Company Near You

It’s a good idea to choose a cleaning company near you – that is, a company based near your business premises – in order to reduce the transportation costs that could be added to the labour costs. In addition, the cleaners will appreciate not having to spend much travel time to come clean your premises regularly and will undoubtedly be twice as motivated to come work at your place.

Choose an Experienced Cleaning Company

As with all lines of business, experience in the different cleaning tasks plays a major role in the mastery of the work, in the technical knowledge (particularly with respect to the different types of surfaces), and in the solutions tailored to the constraints of your offices. It’s therefore preferable for you to choose a cleaning company that has already worked in offices, so that the cleaning technicians know how best to intervene on your premises. Don’t hesitate to ask for some references or seek the opinion of office employees who used these services in the past in order to choose the best possible company.

Choose a Company That Trains Its Cleaners

With equivalent services and rates, some professional cleaning companies stand out from the competition through the training that they provide to their cleaning agents or through the recruitment of people trained in organizations recognized in the cleaning field. In addition to ensuring a certain quality of the work performed thanks to additional knowledge, professional training in the cleaning field gives you access to the services of reliable, professional people who chose this profession and who will have a certain speed of execution of the tasks because they’re used to doing them.

Choose a Cleaning Company Like You

Like all your other collaborators, the cleaning company you choose must be a company whose services have values common to those of your company when it comes to the qualifications of the staff, the equipment used, and respect for the environment. Indeed, let’s say that you’re a company that promotes a high quality of service and respect for the environment; it would seem sensible and even essential to rely on a cleaning company that uses high-quality products for these tasks that are certified biodegradable.

Choose a Company According to Your Budget

Finally, you should choose a cleaning company for your offices based on the budget allocated to the maintenance of your premises. However, this budget must be at least a little flexible if you don’t know the prices usually charged in this field, because you should never choose a company that offers below-average prices, since they may also offer low-quality services. In addition, think about clearly and specifically defining your needs in terms of the area to be cleaned, the types of coatings, the frequency of cleaning, and the hours of accessibility to your offices. Then, don’t hesitate to ask for a quote before using the services. You should know, too, that a serious cleaning company always makes a preliminary visit to the premises.

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Garage Organization: Where to Start and How to Do It?

Organizing a garage may seem like mission impossible, since this room is generally used as a storage room or dumping ground for everything that doesn’t fit in the closets of the house. However, you should know that this disorder isn’t inevitable, and good organization is usually all that’s required to overcome even the biggest messes. Here are our 4 steps for achieving good garage organization.

Step 1: Make an Assessment of Your Garage

To be able to organize your garage in the most optimal way possible, our first tip is to take advantage of a day off to empty it out completely and make an assessment of it, like when you arrived at your home. Once your garage is emptied of all your different objects, look over each of its corners and determine on paper or in your head what they will be used for: one corner for a DIY area because there’s a table there, one corner for storing camping gear, or one corner for storing garden furniture in the winter. That way, you’ll already reorganize the whole space and be able to know exactly which objects are still in your garage.

Step 2: The Big Cleanup

Now it’s time to do the big cleanup of your garage. Indeed, since you’ve decided to make this room a storage or DIY area, it must be cleaned regularly and from top to bottom. Given that garages are rooms that can quickly be prone to humidity and therefore to the appearance of mold, your garage may be very dirty – even more than you thought. If that’s the case, you can rely on a company specializing in cleaning to make it look like new.

Step 3: After the Big Cleanup, Now It’s Sorting Time

It’s time to sort through all your stuff, which you’ve temporarily stored in another room or even outside. To do this, gather together all the people involved in the pile of things that you’ve removed from the garage, and sort them by category: sporting equipment, DIY tools, camping gear, etc. Once you’ve made the stacks of things, sort each item by separating them as follows:

  • objects to be kept in the garage
  • objects to be thrown away (surely necessary to avoid clogging up the room again!)
  • objects to be stored elsewhere, in another area of the house.

Step 4: Organize Your Garage Again

Because you’ve already made the assessment of the garage and the objects that you want to keep in this room during the previous steps, the final step in tidying up your garage now involves organizing them. So create your DIY corner, near the table that will be used for tinkering, or your camping corner on the shelves at the back. Then, physically define each area by placing each object that you’ve decided to keep, and create shelving, add shelves, buy storage bins, etc. In addition, consider placing the items that you use most often within reach!

In short, organizing a garage isn’t such a complex task if you devote some time to it and follow these 4 organization steps. You should finally reach the end of your troubles, and you’ll be able to see everything in your garage again.

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What Precautions Should Be Taken When Cleaning Hard-to-Reach Places?

As in many professions, and especially in the construction field, cleaning activities sometimes require working at height. Cleaning hard-to-reach places involves risks that must be accompanied by preventive measures implemented according to the realities of the cleaning site. It’s precisely because cleaning at height – and cleaning in general – involves risks that this task has become professionalized.

The Precautions to Take to Reduce the Risks of Cleaning Hard-To-Reach Places

The precautions to be taken to reduce the risks associated with cleaning hard-to-reach surfaces must be implemented every time a cleaning professional intervenes, according to the location, the surface to be cleaned, the establishment, and its characteristics.


  • To clean high glass surfaces, you should use suitable equipment, such as telescopic poles, personal lifts (buckets), or individual rolling platforms. All this equipment must also be inspected regularly, paying special attention to its condition and stability.
  • To clean at heights with a risk of falls, it may also be necessary to equip workers with protective slip-resistant shoes and protective body shells in case of specific danger.
  • For the highest heights (over three metres), the worker in charge of the cleaning must also wear an anti-fall safety harness and be accompanied by another person in case of problems. Two people will therefore be required to carry out a cleaning task at a height of more than three metres.
  • For any cleaning at height that poses risks, a professional cleaning company must ensure the medical fitness and practical ability of its employees to perform these tasks.

Attention: Any cleaning job at height also requires inspecting the condition of the ground so that an accident doesn’t occur because of the danger present in the ground while cleaning at height. The protections to be taken regarding cleaning at height are essential, especially when it comes to cleaning windows. This represents the highest rate of accident risk, even at a low height. That’s why you shouldn’t skimp on prevention and eliminate any equipment unsuited to working at height, such as:


  • Pieces of furniture such as step ladders, chairs, tables, and stools not designed to secure cleaning work at height
  • The structure or elements of a building (façade, staircases, etc.) that are not designed to be able to support the weight of a person performing a cleaning task and which cannot ensure their safety.

In terms of numbers, falls from height represent more than 10% of all accidents in the professional cleaning field. Cleaning companies must follow the rules that require them to use the necessary equipment to prevent the risks related to height, and they’re also required to maintain and inspect this equipment to keep it in a state of compliance.

Finally, for any cleaning work at height, the first precaution to take is to entrust this task to professionals – that is, to a company specializing in cleaning and familiar with ensuring an optimal level of safety for its employees according to the location and its characteristics. Indeed, domestic accidents related to falls are becoming increasingly numerous and can unfortunately quickly disable a person for the long term. Whether it’s a post-construction cleanup, a big spring cleaning in a residential building or shop, or regular window cleaning, leave it to the professionals!

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Too Much Wall Humidity: What Are the Health Impacts?

Hot, heavy, or sticky, humidity clings to the walls when they aren’t regularly maintained or when the building has a design flaw. Wall humidity causes significant discomfort for the occupants, since it creates an environment conducive to the formation of mold, which very quickly makes it an unhealthy place and can have a negative impact on the health of the people who live there.

How to Account for the Humidity Level in Our Walls

Despite what you might think, humidity in the walls isn’t a problem that’s necessarily related to an excessively hot environment. Indeed, in Canada, as in many countries around the world, around one home in four is affected by problems related to humidity, especially in the winter, when the temperatures are far from being considered hot. In fact, wall humidity is characterized by the presence of water and steam in the air and inside the walls. Because the moisture is practically invisible, it’s hard to notice whether the humidity level is normal or not in the air and especially in the walls, because even if a building is new, a small manufacturing defect or insufficient ventilation can quickly drive up the humidity level in all the rooms. It’s worth noting that the normal humidity level in a building should be between 30 and 50%.

What Impacts Does Humidity Have on Health?

In the foundations and walls of a residential or commercial building, or within a house, humidity causes all sorts of negative effects on human health. While you already know the material damage that humidity can cause within a building, do you know the specific impact that it can have on the health of the occupants of a place? Humidity promotes the development of allergies to mold or dust mites, which will themselves lead to breathing problems such as asthma, bronchitis, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, and many other conditions related to the inhalation of humid air. Certain joint problems, such as arthritis, arthrosis, and rheumatism, can also be caused by the presence of a high humidity level in the air. While humidity can cause all these health issues in adults, children, who are more fragile, are between two and four times more likely to develop chronic illnesses due to the humidity in the walls of their room or house. Children’s living environments must therefore be properly regulated to be neither too dry nor too humid.

Quickly Get Rid of the Humidity in Your Walls

To prevent the risks that the presence of humidity in the walls of a building causes, it’s necessary to regularly clean the walls, along with all the rest of the building. To do this, you can rely on a company specializing in top-to-bottom cleaning, which will take care of getting rid of the mold and the remaining moisture and help you regain an appropriate humidity level in your interior. Indeed, experts in this field can determine the reasons behind the presence of a high humidity level, then advise you in installing a ventilation system, a thermostat, a dehumidifier, or a smart heating or air conditioning system. In addition to the advice that they can offer you thanks to their experience and knowledge, professional cleaners are more able to get rid of the humidity in your walls, because they have the equipment required for this task and can therefore protect themselves from its negative effects, in particular thanks to their masks, protective goggles, and gloves.

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Is It a Good Idea to Rent Professional Cleaning Equipment?

Is your commercial or residential building in a poor state of cleanliness after a long time without cleaning, and you want to do a big spring cleanup? If your choice is wavering between bringing in a cleaning company or renting professional cleaning equipment and doing the work yourself, here is our guide to help you make the right choice for a serious cleanup.

Renting Professional Cleaning Equipment

Because the total surface area of your commercial or residential building is fairly substantial, you can’t do the planned big cleanup with standard cleaning equipment. To do an effective job and wash, dust, polish, wax, scrub, clean, or scour every last nook and cranny of each room, you need professional cleaning equipment that can be deployed everywhere. Indeed, your little household vacuum cleaner will have a hard time cleaning the whole building, and you run the risk of breaking it.

The Equipment to Rent to Clean a Large Area:

  • An automatic washer
  • A sweeper
  • A single-disc machine
  • A dry and/or wet vacuum cleaner
  • A pressure washer
  • A floor waxer
  • A floor polisher
  • A floor buffer
  • A sander, etc.

The Downsides of Renting Cleaning Equipment:

  • Requires knowing how to use the equipment: Renting professional cleaning equipment is a good solution for controlling the cost of a big spring cleaning for your commercial or residential building, but it requires knowing how to use the professional equipment. Indeed, it’s not enough just to receive the equipment to be able to use it, because certain cleaning machines are very powerful and can even be hard to use without at least some training.
  • Avoiding common accidents: Individuals often resort to renting professional cleaning equipment, especially in order to save money on labour. Unfortunately, accidents may happen while using the equipment or during the cleaning. People who aren’t used to cleaning this type of large area may slip, fall, or injure themselves accidentally.

The Big Spring Cleaning Carried Out by Professionals

To avoid renting professional cleaning equipment and finding yourself in an unpleasant situation such as not knowing how to use the equipment properly, not being able to carry out the big cleaning, or hurting yourself while performing the tasks, rely instead on trained professionals to accomplish these tasks perfectly.

Because a big spring cleaning lets you restore freshness and shine to a building and provide a healthy environment to its occupants, this task shouldn’t be taken lightly and must be carried out both regularly and properly. In a residential building as in a commercial building, the big spring cleaning lets you get rid of bacteria and viruses to prevent allergies and illness. When carried out by professionals, it also lets you give a second life and add value to a building by eliminating the mold, fungus, dust, parasites, and other pests that may have come into your interior. Finally, cleaning – and particularly the big spring cleaning – is rarely a happy affair, so simplify the task and avoid adding another workload to your already-busy life by relying on an experienced professional cleaning company.

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