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2019 Consumers’ Choice Award Trois-Rivières

We’re very proud to have won the prestigious 2019 Consumers’ Choice Award in the Ventilation Duct Cleaning category for the Trois-Rivières region. Since 1984, we’ve been specializing in cleaning ventilation and heating ducts, as well as dryer vents.

We would like to thank our technicians in the greater Trois-Rivières region. It’s thanks to you that we earned the winning title in the Ventilation Duct Cleaning category. Consumers’ Choice is an independent organization that meticulously selects the best companies in each industry in each major city in Quebec. Only one award is given in each category, based on the quality and value of the provided service, the general appearance of the company and the overall service. The organization’s mission is to promote local companies and help consumers choose the right ones for their future needs.

So whether you need:

  • Ventilation duct cleaning
  • Heating duct cleaning
  • Air exchanger cleaning
  • Dryer vent cleaning

Call us!

(819) 415-3333

We serve the greater Trois-Rivières region.

Prompt courteous service!


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When and how to maintain your air exchanger filter

Your air exchanger is nothing less than the lungs of your home. Not only does it allow proper air circulation in each room, but it also removes suspended particles from the air. So your filter better be clean! Have you given any thought to doing maintenance on it? Do you even know where it is? Nettoyeur de la Cité urges you to maintain the filter in your air exchanger regularly. If you don’t, you’re putting your home and its occupants at risk.

Air exchanger filter maintenance: a regular task

If you’ve never touched the filter in your air exchanger, it’s high time you put this task on your to-do list! In fact, maintenance should be performed on this filter every three months; otherwise it can become clogged, leading to serious consequences. The purpose of your filter is to trap the dust and various allergens suspended in your home’s air (animal dander, organic residue, sawdust, etc.). The good news is that your filter does a very good job of capturing most of it. The bad news is that, since it does such a great job, you have to clean it frequently!

If you fail to ensure that the filter in your air exchanger gets regular maintenance, it can not only become clogged, but can also create negative pressure in your home. When the filter is blocked, the air is easily expelled from your home, but it has trouble entering the filter. The result? The air enters your home by any means possible, coming in through every little crack and crevice, which are much more numerous than you can imagine. Furthermore, failing to clean your filter could necessitate a more thorough cleaning of your air exchanger and all of its components, including the fans, the core and the ducts. So don’t cut corners when it comes to maintaining your filter!

Air exchanger filter maintenance: types of filters

It’s possible that your air exchanger is equipped with washable filters. In that case, remove the filters, vacuum the surface and then wash them in warm water with mild soap. Rinse thoroughly and let them air-dry. For filters that need to be replaced, make sure you purchase the same type of filter, whether carbon, foam, pleated or otherwise. If you don’t have the instruction manual to tell you what filter model you need, remove the filter and take it to a professional for advice regarding which one you should buy. And take care when you put the filter back in. If it’s positioned incorrectly in the frame, the air could end up bypassing it.

Cleaning your air exchanger filter: child’s play

Are you unwilling to add any new chores to your already packed schedule? Then have your filter and air exchanger cleaned by a team of professionals! Contact Nettoyeur de la Cité. We’re specialists in every aspect of residential cleaning. We can also tell you how to clean your air exchanger. So don’t hesitate to fill out our convenient online form for a quick, free estimate.

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Cleaning a sectional

If there’s one object in your home that seems to attract dust, messes and family disarray like no other, it would have to be the living room sofa. Whether you have a sectional, a full-size sofa, a love seat or a large corner group, it’s the centerpiece of your living room, so it’s only natural that it will collect stains over time. Is your sofa upholstered in fabric, genuine leather or imitation leather? Regardless of the material, the experts at Nettoyeur de la Cité are happy to share their best tips and tricks with you so you can clean it properly.

Grandma’s home remedies for cleaning your fabric sofa

A fabric sectional is never safe from messes. Elegant and comfortable, no matter what temperature the room may be, a fabric sofa is very prone to staining because of its porosity. For a fresh stain, sprinkle it with baking soda, let it soak in and then vacuum it up. For a more stubborn stain, use a homemade mixture of water and rubbing alcohol or white vinegar (which will act as solvents). Finish it off with some talcum powder or China clay to soak up any excess moisture or greasy substances.

Steam cleaners are excellent at eliminating stains on fabric sofas. Steam is highly effective against stains, and the heat helps eliminate bacteria. Best of all, it won’t damage the fabric of your couch.

Easy does it when cleaning your leather sectional!

Do you own a leather sofa? When cleaning it, avoid strong cleaning products and chemicals. They can easily damage the surface of your couch. It’s best to use a soft cloth soaked in a gentle homemade mixture (cleansing milk and vinegar, for example). The leather used on couches is delicate, so sponge it off, rather than scrubbing it. It’s also recommended to maintain leather sofas with regular applications of leather balm, available in many stores.

Cleaning your leatherette couch

Leatherette corner groups and sectionals have become increasingly popular. A type of imitation leather, leatherette is easy to clean. All it takes are some baby wipes, for example. As with genuine leather, you should avoid using chemical products to clean the surface. The good news is that leatherette sofas don’t require any kind of regular maintenance.

Ask a professional for help

If you’re unable to completely remove the stains on your sectional or if you simply prefer not to risk cleaning it yourself, call on the professionals. The team at Nettoyeur de la Cité has the necessary training to clean your sofas and love seats without damaging them. Contact us online today for a quick, free estimate.

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