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It’s Nettoyeur de la Cité in the national capital

If it’s high time to do a deep cleaning, it’s more than fitting to call on expert professionals. In Quebec City, Nettoyeur de la Cité is the unquestionable choice, as they offer the best cleaning service in the entire greater metropolitan region of the nation’s capital.

Whether your carpets, rugs or floors need to be freshened up, the professionals at Nettoyeur de la Cité are ready to come to your aid, any time of the year. They will help you rediscover the beauty of your carpeting, mattresses, tile and more

Professional service from Nettoyeur de la Cité in Quebec City

By using the best available cleaning products, we can guarantee a job well done. For you, for your family and for your surroundings. Our cleaners, disinfectants and stain removers are safe for the environment. They’re gentle on you and on your pets. At Nettoyeur de la Cité, we know what we’re doing.

Nettoyeur de la Cité means quick, efficient service

Our professionals are always on the move, giving the best of themselves so you can enjoy your entire home, from the basement to the master bedroom, from the bathrooms and kitchen to the living room and dining room.

Whether you need a spring cleaning or a post-disaster cleanup, there’s no need to do it yourself. The specialists at Nettoyeur de la Cité will do the job for you. And they’ll do it to your full satisfaction.

There’s no doubt about it! You need to call Nettoyeur de la Cité. In Quebec City, we’re the best at our profession and we’re ready to prove it.

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David Poirier

David Poirier

A technician in the field of ventilation duct cleaning in Quebec, David has more than 15 years of experience. He’s professional, efficient and attentive to detail.

Marc Chabot

Marc Chabot

Carpet cleaning technician
With more than 20 years of experience in the field of carpet cleaning in Quebec, Marc will offer you incomparable service!

Mylène Villeneuve

Mylène Villeneuve

Housekeeping technician
A technician with more than 10 years of experience in major cleaning services in Quebec, Mylène will ensure that the work is done perfectly! She’s extremely conscientious and detail-oriented. You’ll be astonished by the quality of her work.


I’m totally satisfied with the cleaning work David did on my ventilation ducts. He arrived right on schedule with a smile on his face and took the time to give us an explanation of all the work to be done. I was very impressed by the power of their equipment. I recommend them without hesitation!

Lise Sigouin, Beauport

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