How to remove cooking smell

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the week or trying out new recipes: there’s always something going on in the kitchen. It’s the heart of the house, where we come together to share a moment. A place of life and culinary invention that’s full of good smells depending on the season. But cooking smells that stick around and get embedded several days after making the meal really aren’t pleasant. Cooked meats, smells from fish or seafood, vegetable soup, fried foods: it’s not so obvious how to get rid of these. The odours from cooking with smoke, in particular, tend to seep into fabrics, curtains, and the linings of your furniture. To keep making progress in the kitchen without the risk of living with the smell of your dishes all week long, here are some tips depending on the type to remove cooking smell.

Citrus fruits will help make stubborn fish smells disappear

After cooking, smells from fish, meat, or fried foods can permeate your space. One rather natural and effective way of fighting them is to brown orange peels in a pan; the odour given off by them will hide the bad smells and leave a pleasant scent behind.

Citrus fruits have real relaxing properties and are highly effective against odours. In the same way as orange, you can use the juice from a lemon diluted in a pot of water brought to a boil. The lemon-scented steam will make stubborn, unpleasant odours disappear.

Baking soda: tough against fridge and garbage odours

This chemical compound is known for its ability to capture and eliminate odours. It’s highly effective against the stubborn smells in your refrigerator. Put a little in a cup and place it on one of the shelves. You can also prevent bad garbage smells by pouring a little baking soda on the bottom of your garbage can before putting a new bag into it. That way, you’ll avoid having nasty surprises when opening it.

Coffee grounds to fight drainpipe odours

Old-fashioned solutions often involve coffee grounds, and they’re often the most effective! The bad smells in the kitchen don’t always come from your cooking; they can also come from the pipes of your sink if food residues gets stuck there. Collect some coffee grounds and let them dry. Once dry, put a little in your pipes, pour in some hot water, let act, then rinse. The coffee grounds will attack and dislodge the pieces stuck in the pipes, thereby getting rid of the bad smells.

Use thyme against meat smells

Another natural solution for chasing away bad smells is thyme! Fresh or dried, this herb is ideal against persistent odours. After the meal, boil some in a pot of water and, as with lemon, the steam imbued with the scent of thyme will work against bad smells and help you make them disappear to give you back a perfectly clean and healthy kitchen!

White vinegar: the real multi-purpose anti-odour agent

White vinegar is a particularly effective product for everything related to household cleaning. Indeed, you can use it to descale or clean, but it’s also highly effective against persistent smells. Bring a pot of white vinegar to a boil; as it evaporates, the steam will capture and neutralize the odours. If the smells are still there, do a more complete cleanup of your kitchen with white vinegar. For example, you can clean your dishwasher by replacing the usual product with vinegar and running it empty.

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