How to Clean the Ventilation Grilles in Your Kitchen?

Do you like to cook and prepare delicious meals for the enjoyment of your whole family? A fan of cooking with steam or oil, you can’t escape the chore of degreasing, and not only your work surface or your stove. In fact, if you’re not careful, the grease can seep in and wind up getting deposited everywhere, including your ventilation grilles.

Which grilles are affected?

The filters in your kitchen exhaust hood aren’t the only ones affected. While it seems natural to wash and degrease them regularly, you should know that these aren’t the only ones to be subjected to grease deposits. All the grilles in your ventilation system are affected, whether you have an air exchanger, a heat pump, a CMV system, etc.

Why clean the ventilation grilles?

Degreasing your ventilation grilles isn’t just a matter of cleanliness but an essential operation if you want your system to work properly. Indeed, the dust and grease that accumulate on the grilles can damage the operation of your device. They get encrusted and prevent proper air circulation, which causes an increased humidity level in your kitchen and your home and may lead to the appearance of mould.

Furthermore, the air that flows through dirty, greasy grilles is of poor quality, which can have consequences for the health of the inhabitants, especially people with allergies or breathing problems.

Cleaning your ventilation system also helps you maintain a lower energy consumption by allowing your system to function optimally.

When to clean your ventilation grilles

Generally speaking, the ventilation grilles in a home should be cleaned at least once a year and dusted about every three months. When it comes to the grilles in the kitchen, your attention must be increased, because these are subjected to dirt more often due to the culinary activities that take place in this part of the house. Don’t hesitate to check their condition more regularly.

How to clean your ventilation grilles

Depending on the ventilation system in your house, you can perform the maintenance yourself by referring to the user manual provided at the time of installation. You have to take apart the grilles and any filters and let them soak in a solution of hot water and degreaser. Of course, remember to check if the filters are washable: some are not and must be replaced periodically.

If your ventilation system is really dirty, it may be worthwhile for you to rely directly on a professional. Degreasing the vents in a kitchen requires special attention when the grease has accumulated. A cleaning professional knows how to measure out the products perfectly for maximum effectiveness. They also know the different types of ventilation and will be able to adapt their cleaning accordingly. For example, depending on your system, some parts of your vent may be humidity-sensitive, and therefore they can’t get wet.

Cleaning the ventilation grilles, whether they’re in your kitchen or elsewhere in your house, is a step that shouldn’t be neglected, both for your health and to get the most out of your system.

If you can’t or don’t want to do this yourself, there are companies that specialize in this type of service, and you can even take out a maintenance contract with them, which will ensure the impeccable hygiene of your home.

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