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Furniture cleaning and disinfection in Blainville

When you need your stuffed furniture cleaned, for exemplary-quality work, entrust the job to our experts. They not only have extensive experience but also have access to powerful truck mounts, which aid them in performing a thorough deep cleaning. Steam-cleaning helps remove all of the bacteria, dust mites and dust, as well as any stubborn stains. Our technicians specialize in cleaning sectional sofas, couches, mattresses, dining room chairs and more. And you can rest assured that you’ll receive high-quality service because we’ve been winners of the prestigious Consumers’ Choice Award for several consecutive years.

Sectional sofa cleaning

When it comes to revitalizing your stuffed furniture, especially your sofas and couches, our steam-cleaning technique is the most effective method in the industry. Our specialists have received rigorous training in furniture cleaning and disinfection, so they’re qualified to identify all types of upholstery in order to use the most appropriate cleaning products. For example, a cotton couch and a microfiber sofa aren’t cleaned the same way; each type of fabric requires its own specific cleaning product and method.

Leather furniture cleaning

Leather furniture has become increasingly popular these days. So it’s important to maintain it properly to conserve its suppleness and ensure its longevity. Our leather furniture cleaning procedure includes the use of a cleaning product, as well as a moisturizing, conditioning treatment. You can count on the experts at Nettoyeur de la Cité to clean your leather furniture in Blainville!

Office chair cleaning in Blainville

Our imposing fleet of truck mounts allows us to complete large-scale jobs within the desired amount of time. We specialize in cleaning all types of business furnishings, including office chairs, armchairs, waiting room chairs and restaurant booths. We can even clean your office partitions (cubicles). You’ll enjoy personalized service, and we’ll be happy to adjust our schedule to work with yours at no extra charge!

Mattress cleaning in Blainville

You spend a lot of time in bed, so it’s essential to clean your mattresses regularly. A deep steam-cleaning will remove all of the accumulated bacteria and dust mites.

Emergency furniture cleaning in Blainville

Did a little accident happen on your sofa? No need to panic! We’re available for emergency same-day service at no extra charge!


Furniture protector

It’s strongly recommended to apply a furniture protector after cleaning to safeguard your furnishings and prolong their useful life. These products will help reduce the fabric’s rate of absorption, making the next cleaning all the more effective.
We’ve been furniture cleaning specialists in Blainville and the surrounding areas since June of 1984. Our technicians have been trained in accordance with industry standards and use only biodegradable, residue-free products. Our cleaning services are performed with the aid of ultra-powerful truck mounts. We’ve built a solid reputation in the area of furniture cleaning, which is why our clients are still loyal to us after all these years.


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