How to Clean the Ventilation Ducts in Your Bathroom?

The bathroom is a humid room that absolutely must be ventilated. Are you wondering how to clean a ventilation duct? Here is some information that will let you keep the air in your bathroom clean and healthy.

Why is it important to clean a ventilation duct?

The role of the ventilation duct is to sanitize the air in your home by letting the clean air in and expelling the polluted air. When the duct gets dirty, the function of the ventilation becomes obsolete: the equipment becomes useless and can even be harmful to your health! Indeed, a duct that’s polluted or hiding mould and bacteria will expel the polluted air inside the house (in this case, the bathroom). To avoid this type of problem, which can cause diseases such as asthma, you must remember to clean your ventilation ducts regularly.

When to clean a ventilation duct

We’re usually talking about once every five years, but this can vary according to many parameters. A family of 4 where the parents are smokers and where the teenagers take showers or baths frequently and for a long time will need to check the filters quite often. The same goes for people who keep furry pets in their home. Apartments near large boulevards or busy roads will also need to be checked more often. If you think that the profile of the inhabitants of the house is conducive to the clogging of the ducts, then you should clean them more often and not wait 5 years.

How to clean a ventilation duct

It’s very difficult to successfully clean a ventilation duct yourself. It’s best to rely on a specialized company that will perform a complete and effective cleaning. Cleaning companies use agitation tools such as air nozzles, rotating brushes, and large suction hoses. This veritable arsenal is extremely powerful: the suction-friction process is much more effective than simply vacuuming the duct with tools found in stores.

Precautions to take in the bathroom

It’s quite possible to slow the clogging of the duct; to do this, you’ll need to take a few precautions. The first involves airing out the room by opening the window and/or door when you’re running the hot water. Continue to air it out as long as the steam is present in the room. Consider avoiding aerosols as well (deodorants, for example), and use natural materials for your cleaning, maintenance, and body care products. That way, the air in your bathroom will be less polluted.


If you live in a city and the exterior ventilation grille is in an area where the pollution level is high, it will definitely be hard to slow the appearance of dirt in the duct. To avoid breathing bad air, consider contacting a cleaning company and possibly asking for a diagnostic. You can also check the condition of your grilles yourself: if you notice that they’re clogged or dusty, you can imagine the condition of the ducts!


Don’t wait, because a dirty ventilation system is a ventilation system likely to cause diseases, especially due to the bacteria present in the ducts. It’s not enough to open the windows to breathe fresh air; you also need to take care of the ventilation ducts present in your home.

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