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Cleaning service after renovations

Cleanup after renovations Having renovations done on your home—even minor ones—is no trifling matter. Once the work is finished, instead of adding major housecleaning to your already long list of chores, you can entrust this cumbersome task to a team of professionals, who will efficiently perform a meticulous post-renovation cleanup of every room that has […]

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Clean stains on fabric furniture

How to get stains out of fabric upholstered furniture It’s a disaster! One of your guests spilled red wine on your best fabric armchair. What can you do to remedy the situation quickly? The truth is that cleaning fabric furniture can be a big hassle. You can’t just throw your fabric furniture, mattresses or leather […]

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Understanding Injection-Extraction Carpet Cleaning

To clean your carpet thoroughly, why not try the injection-extraction method? If you don’t know how to proceed, you’re in the right place to understand the method and breathe new life into your carpet. Dry cleaning and cleaning with shampoo are effective at maintaining and reviving a carpet, but the injection-extraction method lets you clean […]

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How to Clean Tiles in the Kitchen?

How do you clean tiles? Often, when you’ve just bought a house or after renovating, the floor gets so dirty that a simple, ordinary floor cleaning isn’t enough to make it shine again. Whether it’s old tiling, in a room inside, or a floor on a patio or balcony, follow our advice to clean very […]

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Disinfectant for Bedding: How to Make Your Bedding Look Like New Again

Are you looking for a disinfectant for your bedding? To stop the spread of a virus in your home, to treat an illness, or to prevent an infestation of pests and insects, you must take steps to disinfect your bedding. As bedding is a warm and comfortable space for parasites, it’s the only effective way […]

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Cleaning a Carpet with White Vinegar: What Are the Advantages and Limitations?

Among the most natural and effective products to have at home for cleaning, and especially for cleaning a stained or dirty carpet, white vinegar can be found in the top spot. Cleaning a carpet with white vinegar is an economical, efficient, and eco-friendly operation, despite certain limitations that we will explore. Advantages of Cleaning a […]

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10 Tips for Using a Steam Cleaner on a Sofa

It’s a fact: a sofa is a very dirty item. Pieces of our food get stuck in the cracks, drinks get spilled on the fabric, and pets leave their hair clinging to it. All this in addition to the fact that cleaning a sofa or a chair made of fabric isn’t always easy. If you […]

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How to Clean Walls with Stain Resistant Paint?

The question to ask yourself first and foremost is whether your paint is really washable. If, and only if, you’re sure that you have stain resistant paint, you’ll be able to clean your walls easily. The washing of the walls can be part of a big cleaning carried out from time to time or at […]

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6 Chronic Respiratory Diseases That Can Be Caused by Contaminated Ducts

The presence of mould and bacteria in indoor spaces has become a major concern in Canada, as it carries serious risks for the health of the occupants of a place. The inhalation of the particles and mould spores retained in the ducts of household appliances causes many respiratory illnesses. Here are 6 respiratory diseases that […]

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Our Cleaning Tips for Confined Spaces

The most confined spaces of a house or a building hosting professional spaces are real hiding places for germs. Unfortunately, they are also more or less enclosed spaces that are very hard to access for a truly effective cleaning. Here are our most effective cleaning tips for getting rid of germs and making the confined […]

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Dryer Vent Hose: How to Choose Between Aluminum and Plastic

Did you know that the poor maintenance of dryers and dryer vent hoses carries a high risk of fire in your home? Some types of dryer vent hoses are more likely to cause fires. You should therefore make the right choice between aluminum and plastic. Our precautions to take It’s best to have your dryer […]

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Dryer Vent Exhaust Inside the House: Why Is It Not Recommended?

As you can imagine, the air in a dryer contains a large amount of dust and fine particles that you don’t want to see build up in the indoor air that you breathe. In addition, for each load of laundry, at least a gallon of water is removed from the dryer vent exhaust inside, which […]

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