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How to Clean Tile Joints Clogged with Dust

Whether they’re ceramic or earthenware, white or grey, all sorts of tiles can easily get clogged with dust. It must be said that this material is often placed in the dirtiest places in a house! How can you clean tile joints? Here, we give you some tips and tricks for an effective and lasting cleaning. […]

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How to Clean Mould on a Mattress

On a mattress that has been exposed to moisture, mould can develop quickly, which should be treated as soon as possible before it grows and spreads over the entire mattress, as well as your bed frame or the sheets! How can you clean mould on a mattress? Here, we give you the steps for removing […]

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Septic smell in house: What to Do to Eliminate Them?

Your sink, washbasin, shower, and bathtub drain the dirty water through pipes, which can get clogged over time. Dirt, hair, and particles spill down them and build up until they obstruct your pipes. When the wastewater doesn’t drain properly, that’s when unpleasant odours start to appear. To eliminate septic smells in your house and sanitize […]

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How to remove cooking smell

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the week or trying out new recipes: there’s always something going on in the kitchen. It’s the heart of the house, where we come together to share a moment. A place of life and culinary invention that’s full of good smells depending on the season. But cooking smells that stick […]

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Bad odor removal: 5 Tips to clean your fridge

The hygiene of your refrigerator is very important, because this is where you store the more fragile and perishable foods that you and your whole family eat. To fight the spread of bacteria, to remove unpleasant odours, and for your health, it’s essential to keep your refrigerator clean on a daily basis. You can start […]

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How to Make a Multipurpose Cleaner Using Natural Ingredients

Old-fashioned methods and eco-friendly solutions are becoming increasingly popular. At a time when global warming is becoming a real concern, some people are doing everything they can to find non-polluting everyday solutions. Do you want to make a multipurpose cleaner with natural ingredients? Here’s a great recipe. Making the Multipurpose Cleaner To make your multipurpose […]

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Detergents vs. Disinfectants: What Are the Differences in Terms of Cleaning?

When a surface needs to be cleaned in depth, it may be necessary to use a detergent and a disinfectant. Are you wondering what the differences are between these two products? The following article should answer all your questions. What is a Detergent? A detergent is a chemical compound with surfactant properties that remove dirt. […]

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5 Ways to Clean a Fabric Sofa and Remove Stubborn Stains

Food, drinks, paint, modelling clay, or chewing gum… sofas are a part of our everyday routine and are therefore at risk of being stained. Do you want to clean a fabric sofa to remove stubborn stains? Here are 5 ways to get rid of the dirt. 1 – Use Baking Soda Baking soda is often […]

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How to Remove Cat Pee Smell from a Carpet Permanently

The smell of cat pee is particularly unpleasant because it’s very strong. When you forget to clean the litter box, and/or the cat decides to do their business in the wrong place – on the carpet, for example – it’s necessary to act as quickly as possible. Besides the nuisances related to the smell, the […]

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How to Clean a Carpet Stained with Oil Without Discolouring It

Eliminating an oil stain on a carpet requires that numerous precautions be taken. The oil seeps into the fibres very quickly and becomes particularly difficult to remove. To successfully eliminate them, some people make bad decisions and unwittingly discolour their carpets despite only wanting to remove a simple grease stain. How to clean a carpet […]

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Cigarette Odour Removal in Your Car: What Are the Solutions?

Tobacco smoke is a persistent odour that becomes particularly unpleasant when it “cools.” People who spend time in a space that smells like tobacco can be bothered by this smell, and these nauseating fumes can seep into their clothes (and sometimes even their skin). How can you remove cigarette odours in a car? Here are […]

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How to Clean a White Leather Sofa Without Damaging It

While white leather sofas aren’t any weaker than other kinds of sofas, they get dirty more easily, so it’s necessary to clean them more often to take care of them. These repeated cleanings may have the effect of damaging the sofa if they aren’t carried out with care. Are you wondering how to clean a […]

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