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Partnership between two Quebec businesses

While it may be hard to find anything positive about COVID-19, we must admit that it made us realize the importance of purchasing and consuming local products to stimulate Quebec’s economy and encourage our fellow residents.

In March of 2020, Nettoyeur de la Cité initiated a major change in its main supplier of cleaning and disinfecting products by partnering with Larose et Fils, a Quebec-based company that has been in business since 1954.

Since we’ve made this change, our technicians and faithful clients unanimously agree that the new products achieve results that are clearly superior to those of our former products, which were imported from the USA.

We invite other businesses that specialize in cleaning and disinfection to follow our lead by switching to Larose et Fils or other Quebec-based suppliers. It’s in everyone’s best interests!

So when you decide to use the services of Nettoyeur de la Cité, you’re making a bigger contribution than you might think!

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