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Residential carpet cleaning and disinfection in Blainville

In business since June of 1984, Nettoyeur de la Cité is the leading specialist in residential and commercial carpet cleaning and disinfection. The full satisfaction of our customers has earned us the prestigious Consumers’ Choice Award for several consecutive years, which is testament to the quality of our services. When you call for a free estimate, our customer service agents will take the time to explain exactly what the requested service entails, give you a fair price and answer all of your questions. We perform our residential carpet cleaning services with the aid of powerful truck mounts, combined with biodegradable cleaning products and disinfectants. Once the work is done, your carpets will be free of bacteria, dust mites, dirt and dust. Our qualified, detail-oriented technicians have received rigorous training. After they’ve completed the work, we’ll give you a call to make sure that you’re fully satisfied.

Commercial carpet cleaning and disinfection in Blainville

As business people, we understand how important a company’s image is to its success. To maintain your image and provide your employees with a high-quality work environment, it’s necessary for you to have your commercial carpets cleaned regularly. The advantage of doing business with us is that we can adapt to your schedule at no extra charge and we have a large fleet of truck mounts, enabling us to get the work done more quickly. Thanks to our powerful equipment and residue-free products, you’ll be able to walk on your carpets immediately without leaving a trace.

Rug cleaning in our Blainville workshop

We offer rug cleaning services in our workshop with our free pickup and delivery service. We specialize in cleaning shag, cotton, wool, synthetic, Persian, Indian and oriental rugs. We’ll begin by identifying the type of fiber in your rug so we make sure to use the appropriate cleaning products and stain removers to achieve optimum results. Most synthetic rugs can be cleaned at home. However, certain more delicate types of rugs require specialized care and can only be cleaned in a workshop.

Additional treatments when cleaning your carpets

There are different types of treatments that can be applied to your carpets during the cleaning process. For example, if you have pet stains, we can use a urine destroyer, which will effectively remove all traces. We also have an antibacterial treatment to keep any harmful bacteria in your carpets in check. Finally, we offer a protective treatment (Teflon), which will safeguard the fiber in your carpets so they’ll retain their luster longer. Ask our technicians, and they’ll be happy to explain which treatments are necessary and offer you a fair price based on the size of your carpets.


To have your residential and commercial rugs and carpets cleaned and disinfected, contact our Blainville team at (450) 688-7676

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