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Carpet wash and other cleaning services in Quebec

In an effort toprovide our customersin the Montreal, the South and North Shores, Laval and the Laurentians amore completeserviceforresidential carpet cleaning, Nettoyeur de la Citétakes careof the cleaning of your living room and bathroom carpets as well as hall runners and any other small rugs.

We pick them up and deliver them at no extra cost in order to thoroughly clean them in our state of the art workshop.

In order to clean your house and give a new and fresh look to your residential rugs, trust the expertise of Nettoyeur de la Cité. In addition to using highly efficientand environmentally friendlyproducts, ourteamknows morethan any other for cleaning stubborn and embedded stains. We also havethe know-how tofullyremove peturine odorsorlingering mold and cigarette odors.

You want to keep your rug looking like you just purchased it for years? Besides having them cleaned thoroughly by experts, use a stain and water proofing treatment in addition to an antibacterial protective treatment.

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