Spring Cleaning: The Things Not to Be Missed Room by Room!

Cleaning your house as summer approaches is almost inevitable for all families. The spring cleaning is an institution all over the world. It lets you refresh your interior before the beautiful days by airing out the various rooms and cleaning them from top to bottom.

1 – Air out the bedrooms

We now know that the air inside is more polluted than the air outside. To regain healthy air, it’s therefore important to air out the house properly. Given that we spend most of our time in the bedroom, it’s necessary to air out this room in priority.

On a nice day, open the windows up wide and take out your blankets, pillows, and duvets so that they can take in the air and the sun. Take advantage of this opportunity to clean your bedding.

Dust everywhere, not forgetting the headboard, switches, and lights. Vacuum then mop, and you’ll be all set.

An extra tip: You can place a packet of lavender fabric on your bed or in your closets to sanitize and diffuse a delicate odour of Provence.

2 – Clean the bathroom

In principle, the bathroom is equipped with a CMV, but for greater effectiveness, and if it has a window, don’t hesitate to open it up wide, especially if you’re using industrial household products.

To do the spring cleaning in the bathroom, you can start by cleaning the tile joints by removing the mould, then the shower panes. Clean the taps with vinegar and baking soda if you prefer natural and biodegradable products. Finally, remove the dust with a damp sponge, then dry everything with a towel. Finish with the floor (vacuum and mop).

3 – Clean the kitchen

In the winter, you don’t consume the same products as in the summer, especially if you prefer to eat seasonal fruits and vegetables. Doing the spring cleaning in the kitchen therefore involves emptying the cupboards and storing what you no longer need (food that is consumed very hot, canned goods, etc.). Take advantage of this opportunity to remove the crumbs and check that no insects have gotten into your flours and other cereals or cookies.

Once the cupboards and other storage areas have been emptied and cleaned, scrub the doors with a microfibre cloth to remove the dust. Then, clean the range hood; you can use white vinegar to degrease it.

The oven and the hobs can also undergo a deep cleaning; this will be an opportunity to check the burners if you have a gas stove.

Finish with the sink (you should never start by cleaning the sink because you’ll regularly need your sponge and water, so you’ll be getting it dirty throughout your big cleaning).

Lastly, vacuum then mop (with water, black soap, and white vinegar) the floor.

Finally, you can work on the rooms that are easiest to clean – that is, the living room and the dining room (which are less dirty in principle). For this, you just have to dust, put everything away, vacuum, then mop.

Once your spring cleaning is done, you can approach the summer in a fresh and healthy atmosphere. Then, all you have to do is enjoy the beautiful days in your clean home!

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