What are the Best Ventilation Duct Cleaning Equipments?

A ventilation duct is a relatively confined space where dust naturally gets lodged that tends to form the perfect environment for the rapid proliferation of bacteria, mould, and dust mites. Because a ventilation duct distributes air in an indoor environment, it will therefore distribute – little by little – everything found inside and which is unclean and cause health problems in the living beings who are breathing the ambient air on a daily basis. Fortunately, there is cleaning equipment out there for ventilation ducts.

Ventilation duct cleaning equipment

  • Pulsion and friction nozzles

A nozzle is a piece of cleaning equipment for ventilation ducts that allows a pulsion and friction system to dislodge any fine particles, grease, and dust from the ventilation ducts. Inserted into each duct one by one, it follows the interior and the walls to dislodge and blow any dirt present to the exit, where it will then be sucked up by an ultra-powerful vacuum cleaner. The nozzle is equipped with a whip often made of rubber as well as air holes that help blow away the dirt on the surface in addition to scrubbing any more embedded dirt thanks to the high-speed rotating action of the whip.

  • HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) vacuum filters

Once the dust has been dislodged from the walls of the ducts through pulsion and friction, it’s time to suck it out of the ventilation ducts with a powerful vacuum cleaner. The equipment for cleaning and sucking up the dust in ventilation ducts doesn’t work according to the same principle as the traditional equipment that dislodges the visible contaminants found inside the system. Professional vacuuming equipment for ventilation ducts consists of specific elements: vacuum cleaners equipped with a HEPA filter that can retain 99.97% of particles over 0.3 microns. A HEPA filter is connected to a vacuum cleaner and to the ventilation duct system to create negative pressure that won’t let any pollutant from the air pass.

These two cleaning methods using pulsion, friction, and suction generally take several hours to obtain a flawless result and keep it over the long term. If you rely on a company that specializes and – above all – has experience in cleaning ventilation ducts, the experts will take the time to check their work, in particular by using a camera inserted into the duct.

  • Biocide to sterilize the ducts

For a thorough cleaning of your ventilation ducts, professional cleaners will also take the precaution of properly cleaning the filter of the ventilation system using specific products so as not to damage your equipment. At the end of the cleaning, it’s also good for the durability of your equipment to use a natural biocide to sterilize the ducts with a biodegradable product that is safe for your health. To do this, rely on a company that has high-quality, eco-friendly products that can sterilize your air ducts to see more lasting effects from your professional cleaning.

Cleaning your ventilation ducts isn’t just a matter of cleanliness; it’s also an important health issue, because they’re the ducts of the ambient air in your interior and the air you breathe, and can therefore transport dirt and microbes of all sorts. Whether you’re the owner of a residential or professional building, make sure to take the necessary precautions for the health of all the occupants of the premises.

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