4 Benefits of Pressure Washing for Your Furniture

Less expensive and just as effective as their old systems, pressure washing is increasingly sought-after, by both businesses and individuals. Whether it’s for industrial cleaning or an outdoor patio, the high pressure makes it possible to powerfully clean heavy equipment that’s hard to maintain by hand, as well as furniture. Most often used in large spaces, offices, factories, and other high-traffic areas, pressure washing lets you clean even the dirtiest areas quickly and efficiently. To give you an overview, here are four benefits of pressure washing.

  • Fast to use

Although pressure washers are very powerful and may seem impressive, it’s quite easy and – above all – very fast to use them. Indeed, for someone who has mastered their tool and knows the resistance levels of the different materials, moving through the different pieces of furniture can go very quickly. The danger for an amateur would be to incorrectly gauge the power of their machine and damage the furniture as a result, but an expert could finish their whole seasonal cleaning project in very little time.

  • Economical

Pressure washers are certainly among the most economical cleaning tools on the market. Indeed, if you compare the water consumption of a garden hose to that of a pressure washer, up to 10 times less water is used for a much higher pressure. So, rather than spending more time scrubbing your furniture while consuming water, it’s best to use the water directly to remove the dirt.

  • Ideal on outdoor furniture

Every spring, it’s the same thing: You clean and rearrange your patio, only to discover dirty furniture. It’s normal: kept outside for several months, the patio furniture has had time to accumulate dust and dirt, which has been crystallized by the cold during the winter. With a pressure washer, it’s possible to clean all the outdoor furniture without damaging it: wood, teak, cement, vinyl, etc. Of course, it’s important to adjust the strength of the jet based on the materials, so as not to damage them.

  • Effective on all materials

Unlike steam cleaning, pressure washing is highly effective on all sorts of surfaces, even the most porous ones, such as concrete, marble, or brick. Indeed, thanks to its powerful water jet, it’s very easy to eliminate stubborn stains and remove embedded dirt, even grease. It’s often used on the exterior walls of houses, concrete terraces, driveways, garage floors, and other spaces at the mercy of high traffic, outdoor pollution, and the elements.

Pressure washing makes any cleaning session much faster, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly, at a lower cost. Effective on wood, metal, plastic, stone, and brick, it’s the ideal solution for outdoor or industrial furniture. However, as pressure washing is very powerful, you should take a few basic precautions with regard to the furniture you want to clean and adapt the power of the jet and the cleaning method. As always, it’s strongly recommended to rely on a professional to avoid any mistakes or damage.

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