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Air duct and ventilation system cleaning services

The following 10 examples are the most common indicators to our customers need for a complete and thorough Duct system Cleaning: 

  • Visible accumulation of dirt, dust and debris inside the floor registers or vents in your rooms.
  • Prior to occupancy of a newly constructed house.
  • After an interior renovation or remodelling project within the home has been completed.
  • Smokers in the household.
  • If you have pets that shed high amounts of hair and dander.
  • If you have any occupants with allergies and/or asthma.
  • After a disaster clean-up, such as fire, flood or water damage to the home or HVAC system.
  • If you detect a “damp or musty” odour from the ductwork or within the home environment.
  • If you experience burning sensations in the, nose or eyes, dray throat, headaches or nausea inside your home.
  • Do you see excessive dust accumulation on your furniture and hardwood floor?

Whether you own a single family home, a duplex, a town house or a mobile home, be mindful that the quality of air inside of your home can greatly affect your health, comfort and your well-being. In order for your vents to guarantee a healthy indoor environment year round, it is essential to perform the proper cleaning and maintenance of them.

Nettoyeur de la Cité has for the past 30 years offered a highly qualified air duct cleaning service that covers the following:

  • Outputs and air returns
  • Furnace
  • Filters
  • Vents
  • Fan
  • Wall

Our specialists carry out our inspection conducted using ultra sophisticated robotic cameras and they will disinfect and/or destroy the micro-organisms that infest your ventilation system using non-toxic products. Respecting your health and the environment are close to our hearts!

How often should you clean ventilation ducts

To clean your home and reduce your exposure to common pollutants in your kitchen, on your pets or from your renovations, Nettoyeur de la Citéstrongly suggests to clean your air ducts every 5 years. However, there are some exceptions that require an immediate cleaning:

  • Buying a new home (new or not)
  • Renovations
  • Indoor painting
  • Replacing your heating unit
  • Fire

Consequences of a dirty ventilation system

Ventilation ducts are the lungs of your home. If dirt, debris and pollutants accumulate there, your home will not breathe as it should and problems begin to arise:

  • Condensation or excessive frost on windows
  • Moisture stains, mold on the walls, ceilings and in closets
  • Peeling paint
  • Persistent or unusual odors
  • Irritation of the eyes, nose and throat
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue

In extreme cases, certain lung infections such as pneumonia (Legionnaires’ disease) may occur. So be careful!

Wind tunnel cleaning

To clean your lint clogged conduits, our technicians use a wind tunnel blower that pushes the dirt outside of your house. This highly effective method unclogs the worst bottlenecks and it protects you against fire and reduces energy losses.

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