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Ventilation and air exchanger duct cleaning

When you choose Nettoyeur de la Cité to clean your ventilation ducts, you’re guaranteed premium quality!

Our experience

Nettoyeur de la Cité is a leader in ventilation duct cleaning throughout Quebec. Because we’ve been experts in the business since 1984, we’re able to offer you the very best in cleaning services for your ventilation system.

Our employees have between 10 and 30 years of experience in this field, so you’re sure to be impressed by their expertise and know-how during the ventilation duct cleaning process. They’ll explain what they’re going to do and the methods they’re going to use and, of course, show you around once they’ve finished so you can see the excellent job they’ve done cleaning your heating and air conditioning ducts.

Consumers’ Choice Award in ventilation duct cleaning

Nettoyeur de la Cité has been the proud winner of the Consumers’ Choice Award for several years running. It’s a prestigious client satisfaction award recognizing the high quality of our work and customer service in the area of ventilation duct cleaning. We have the skill of our qualified employees and the power of our state-of-the-art equipment to thank for this great honor.

The excellence of our customer service is our greatest strength!

When you call Nettoyeur de la Cité for a free estimate on cleaning your ventilation ducts, we’ll take the time to give you a detailed explanation of the work to be done and we’ll quote you a fair price, with no hidden fees or surprises once our team is on-site. With us, you’ll get honest information from the start! No fake promotions!

What’s more, once the work is finished and our technicians have shown you the results, they will call the owner of our company, Michel Gariépy, directly so he can personally ensure that you’re fully satisfied with the cleaning of your ventilation duct system.

Ventilation duct cleaning at competitive prices

Nettoyeur de la Cité will give you a free estimate of the cost to clean your ventilation duct system. Just click on the “Contact Us” page, and we’ll respond immediately. You can also use our convenient online form to request a free estimate. Take advantage of our current promotion, which includes an antibacterial treatment—an $85 value—at no additional cost!

Properly cleaned ducts are a matter of health!

Ventilation duct cleaning and disinfection

We’re equipped with very powerful truck mounts, enabling us to provide the best possible air duct cleaning service. Choosing us means choosing premium-quality heating and ventilation duct cleaning for your residence.

Our ultra-powerful ventilation duct cleaning equipment

Having the best, most powerful equipment on the market is one of our greatest strengths, as it allows us to offer you the best air duct cleaning service in the industry! Our work methods guarantee that all of the dust will be removed from your ventilation ducts. We don’t skimp on quality, as your satisfaction is our number-one priority!

Since 1984, we’ve been investing in the most advanced ventilation duct cleaning equipment available so we can offer nothing but the best to our valued clientele throughout the Quebec area. We’re one of those rare companies that always make it a point to use the most powerful and efficient ventilation duct cleaning equipment on the market.

Our air duct cleaning service, performed with the aid of truck mounts, is the most effective way of achieving optimal ventilation duct cleaning results. These trucks are outfitted with high-performance equipment to ensure that your HVAC system is perfectly cleaned and sanitized.

You’re guaranteed the very best in ventilation duct cleaning, air exchanger cleaning, wall-mounted air conditioner cleaning and dryer vent cleaning services. With us, you’re in expert hands! We’ll take care of everything!

Proof of air duct cleaning is a major asset when buying or selling a home!

When you’re selling your property, having proof of cleaning, showing the date of the most recent service, is a big plus, as it indicates to potential buyers that the equipment inside your home has been well maintained and gives them a good indication of when to schedule the next cleaning. Since 1984, we’ve received an enormous number of requests to clean ventilation ducts whenever new owners are taking possession of their homes, as they have no idea when the air ducts were last cleaned! Naturally, they don’t want to take any unnecessary risks. During a pre-sale inspection, it isn’t unusual for a building inspector to advise the seller to contact us for ventilation duct cleaning services in order to reassure potential buyers that everything is clean and free of dust and debris.

Residential ventilation duct cleaning

Our residential air duct cleaning method utilizes pressurized air, suction and friction. This technique is the most powerful and effective means of achieving optimum results. Our duct cleaning service relies on the superior power of our truck mounts, which provide strong friction and extraction capabilities, thanks to the incomparable air pressure and suction they produce. It’s essential to remove all of the dust inside your air ducts and central unit by deep-cleaning the entire ventilation duct system.

We offer reasonable, affordable prices on ventilation duct cleaning services. And when you combine our heating and air conditioning duct cleaning service with one or more of our other services, including dryer vent cleaning and air exchanger cleaning, you’ll benefit from a discount.

What does good ventilation duct cleaning entail?

Air duct cleaning includes your furnace, evaporator coils, air intakes, air vents, diffusers and filters. We also fumigate your ducts, applying an antibacterial treatment, at no extra charge. Properly cleaned ducts allow indoor air to circulate more effectively, improving the performance of your heating and air conditioning units, consequently reducing your electricity bills. As an added bonus, the air you breathe will be free of dust and bacteria.

Nettoyeur de la Cité has been offering ventilation duct cleaning services at competitive prices throughout the major cities of Quebec since June of 1984. Ask for a free estimate today!

What’s the recommended frequency for ventilation duct cleaning?

It’s recommended to have your ventilation ducts cleaned at least every five years. In the event that you’re going to have renovation work done, it’s suggested that you have your air ducts cleaned afterwards, as they’ll be full of dust, dirt and allergens that could represent a health hazard. The ventilation duct system must be deep-cleaned in its entirety, including all of the components of your heating and air conditioning units, as well as your air exchanger if you have one.

Air duct cleaning and decontamination

When we deep-clean your heating and air conditioning system, we’ll clean the inside of each component of the ventilation unit, including all of the ducts that are connected to it. Once we’ve finished cleaning everything, we’ll apply an antibacterial treatment at no extra charge. During the cleaning process, all of the vents will be sealed and cleaned one by one to prevent any dust from circulating in the ambient air. Our technicians will perform a before-and-after inspection with you to show you the quality of the work they’ve done.

By choosing to do business with Nettoyeur de la Cité, you’re guaranteed the best possible duct cleaning service all across the board. Our cleaning method utilizing pressurized air, suction and friction enables us to remove every trace of dirt and dust. Accomplished with the aid of our high-performance truck mounts, this is the most recommendable method in the duct cleaning industry. In rare cases, there may be special circumstances that prevent access to our truck mounts. In these situations, we’ll use portable equipment to clean your air ducts. Our technicians will thoroughly clean and disinfect your ventilation ducts after following a rigorous protocol for cleaning and maintaining their equipment, as they do between each service call. This is especially important these days, so any time you hire a professional duct cleaning service, it’s essential to verify that they follow this same procedure. You should always ask to see their equipment before they begin cleaning your ducts.

Nettoyeur de la Cité also specializes in residential and commercial carpet and furniture cleaning, as well as major housekeeping and spring cleaning services. We do business in the following areas: Montreal, South Shore, North Shore, the Laurentians, Quebec City, Trois-Rivières, Gatineau and Sherbrooke.

We have teams of professional cleaning and decontamination professionals ready to offer you the very best there is in ventilation duct cleaning services.

What are the reasons for having your heating and air conditioning ducts cleaned?

Here are just a few:

  • To improve the quality of the air you breathe
  • To reduce your heating and air conditioning costs
  • To minimize the risks of fire
  • To enhance the performance of your ventilation system
  • To eliminate foul odors
  • To remove harmful allergens

As residents of Quebec, we’ve been confined inside our homes for several months with all the doors and windows closed. As a result, we’ve been in a sealed environment in which the ambient air hasn’t been adequately refreshed for quite some time. Poorly cleaned ventilation ducts can become breeding grounds for fungi, mold, mildew and bacteria. You’re then exposed to these allergens as they circulate throughout your home, becoming suspended in the air you breathe. They can cause headaches, itchy skin, irritated eyes, runny nose, congestion and fatigue, in addition to aggravating certain medical conditions like asthma. That’s why it’s essential for your ventilation ducts to be clean and free of contamination so you can rest assured of good air quality.

You can count on the ventilation duct cleaning experts at Nettoyeur de la Cité! Our technicians are certified and highly qualified to offer you the very best in air duct cleaning services.

The best residential ventilation and air exchanger duct cleaning service at a great price

Call us, email us or contact us through live chat to request a free estimate and take advantage of our promotion for a free antibacterial treatment—an $85 value! It would be our pleasure to thoroughly explain our cleaning methods and inform you of our pricing, which is always fair and reasonable.

Ventilation duct cleaning service

Here’s what you can expect from our residential air duct cleaning services:

The technicians will perform a full deep-cleaning of all your air intakes and outlets. They’ll also clean all of your vents, your furnace, your fan and your evaporator coils.

Our truck mounts will provide them with all the friction and pressurized air power they need to thoroughly clean your air ducts, as well as optimal suction power to pull out all of the dust and other debris in order to deposit it directly in the truck mount recovery tank.

If you have a washable filter, they’ll clean it. On the other hand, if your equipment uses disposable filters, they’ll help you get a suitable replacement.

Our method of ventilation duct cleaning, air exchanger cleaning and dryer vent cleaning is the most efficient one of all, leaving your ducts hygienic and free of dirt and other contaminants.

Once the cleaning is done, our technicians will fumigate your ducts with an antibacterial treatment using a natural thyme-based product. They’ll also show you the work they’ve done and make any recommendations that may be necessary. They’ll give you a Cleaning Certificate confirming that all of the components of your ventilation system have been deep-cleaned and showing when the next cleaning service is due to be performed.

In the case of most commercial duct cleaning services, we’ll need to visit the location in order to evaluate the work to be done, which will depend on the specifics of your commercial ventilation system. There’s no fee for this visit, which can be scheduled at your convenience, whether during the day, in the evening or over the weekend. In some cases, we may need the building plans.

There are a number of good reasons to do business with us, including our highly qualified personnel, our expertise, the power of our high-performance equipment, and of course, our well-established reputation in the ventilation duct cleaning industry. We’re very proud of the fact that we’ve received the Consumers’ Choice Award for several consecutive years, as it is proof of the exceptional quality of the work we perform for our clients. All of these elements combined assure you of incomparable professional service and the best possible cleaning results.

At Nettoyeur de la Cité, we’ve been demonstrating our expertise and know-how in air duct cleaning since June of 1984. Call us today!

Commercial ventilation and air exchanger duct cleaning service

Cleaning your commercial ventilation duct system is a matter of health, not only for you but also for your employees and clientele. Think about it: the quality of the ambient air can affect the work performance of your employees. That’s why it’s important to make sure that your ventilation ducts are clean. If they aren’t, you must correct the problem before it gets worse. Commercial ventilation duct cleaning is recommended every three years. This will help increase the energy efficiency and performance of your heating and air conditioning equipment.

When your system is properly cleaned and maintained, you’ll avoid inadequate ventilation. It goes without saying that, when there’s an accumulation of dust, it will lead to heat loss, inefficient performance of your system and a reduction in the useful life of your equipment. Commercial duct cleaning will improve the quality of the air you, your employees and your clients breathe. After all, the goal of cleaning is to eliminate all of the microbes, bacteria, dust, allergens and other contaminants.

You should bear in mind that the frequency of your business activities will dictate how often you should have your commercial ventilation ducts cleaned. Request a free estimate, and we’ll send out a technician to perform an on-site evaluation at no additional cost.

Air duct cleaning recommendations

It’s strongly recommended to have your ventilation ducts cleaned every five years. A deep-cleaning service includes all of the components of your heating and air conditioning system. We provide residential and commercial ventilation duct cleaning, air duct cleaning, heating duct cleaning, air exchanger duct cleaning, wall-mounted air conditioner cleaning and dryer vent cleaning services. Our duct cleaning service includes a 100-percent natural antibacterial treatment at no extra charge! We perform ventilation duct cleaning with the aid of powerful truck mounts, which are considered the best equipment in the industry. Find out about our promotions when you combine duct cleaning with one or more of our other services.

Our antibacterial treatment for ventilation duct cleaning

It’s strongly recommended to apply an antimicrobial treatment after cleaning air ducts in order to inhibit the presence of mold, mildew, bacteria and other microorganisms. The product we use is called Benefect. Since it’s completely natural, based on thyme essential oil, it won’t pose any danger to your health.

Air duct cleaning at unbeatable prices! Ask for a free estimate!

For residential and commercial ventilation duct cleaning, choose Nettoyeur de la Cité. You’ll be assured of receiving exceptional-quality service. We’ve been the grand prize winners of the Consumers’ Choice Award in the Ventilation Duct Cleaning category for several years. This prize has been awarded by the general public in recognition of our skill and our excellent customer service. We’re extremely proud of this accomplishment!

Our mission is to offer each of our clients high-quality, high-level professional service. The satisfaction and loyalty of our clients over the years has been our greatest reward. That’s why we make it a point to speak to every customer once the air duct cleaning job is finished, in order to make sure they were completely satisfied. Our technicians will be happy to answer all of your inquiries and take the time to show you the work they’ve done once they’ve finished the job.

We can also offer you air exchanger cleaning, wall-mounted air conditioner cleaning, bathroom vent cleaning and dryer vent cleaning services.


Testimonials from our satisfied ventilation duct cleaning clients

Air duct cleaning in Blainville

We’d like to mention the excellent quality of the work done by Jean-François and Alain, two of the duct cleaning technicians at Nettoyeur de la Cité. They were extremely professional and courteous. They showed us around before and after they performed the work and took the time to fully explain the procedure to us. We’re very satisfied with the job they did! We strongly recommend them!

Jean-Yves and Mireille, Blainville

Forced-air system cleaning in Brossard

After we took possession of our new residence, it was essential for us to have the ventilation ducts cleaned. We used the services of Nettoyeur de la Cité and were extremely satisfied with the way they cleaned our ducts. They even provided us with a cleaning certificate once the job was done. It goes without saying that we’ll use their services again when our ducts are due for another cleaning.

Marc L., Brossard

Ventilation duct cleaning in Gatineau

After doing renovation work in our residence, we hired Nettoyeur de la Cité to give our air ducts a good cleaning. There was so much dust inside our ducts, it was ridiculous! We were constantly dusting! Very good service on their part, not to mention the courtesy of their employees. A big thank you!

Maryse, Gatineau

Heating system cleaning in Quebec

My wife suffers from severe allergies, and her doctor (ENT) recommended that she have her ventilation ducts cleaned in order to remove all of the dirt, bacteria and allergens that were present in the home’s ambient air. We called on the ventilation duct cleaning services of Nettoyeur de la Cité and we’re very satisfied with the work they did for us.

Pierre, Quebec City

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