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Wool rug cleaning

Since 1984, Nettoyeur de la Cité has specialized in cleaning wool rugs, whether on-site or in our workshop. As proud winners of the Consumers’ Choice Award for several consecutive years, we can assure you that you’ll receive superior-quality wool rug cleaning services. Our technicians are trained in accordance with the highest industry standards in the art of cleaning rugs made of wool and other delicate fibers. They also strictly observe all of the safety and hygiene regulations that have been issued by the government in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wool rug cleaning involves certain precautions, but there are numerous advantages to putting a wool rug in your living room or bedroom. Decorative, durable, soft and extremely comfortable, wool rugs also offer a good level of thermal insulation and sound absorption.

However, these rugs quickly become soiled, especially in the living room, where we spend most of our time. Regularly exposed to coffee, wine and food stains, as well as the sometimes unpleasant odors left behind by our pets, wool rugs can lose their luster and freshness in no time. It’s important to have your wool rugs cleaned by specialists in the field. To achieve optimal results, we generally take wool rugs to our workshop, where we give them a through deep-cleaning treatment.

Since you must react quickly as soon as stains appear, you can count on the professional wool rug cleaning services of Nettoyeur de la Cité all year round. We’re aces when it comes to deep-cleaning your wool rugs, removing embedded dirt and restoring their luster and softness.

A new trend: shag rug cleaning

Shag rugs are making a comeback and are now available at affordable prices. Often used as a decorative element in living rooms, they’re now being used throughout the home, in basements, children’s bedrooms and stairways, and are even showing up in some businesses.

Most rugs made of synthetic fibers can be cleaned at home, but this definitely isn’t the case when it comes to shag rugs. Often made of nylon, linen, wool or cotton, the fibers in these types of rugs can suffer radical changes in appearance if they aren’t cleaned properly. The long, thick fibers found in shag rugs make them especially soft and comfortable to walk on with bare feet. However, it’s because of these very qualities that rugs like this require special maintenance.

Are you thinking about cleaning your shag rug yourself at home? Big mistake! A good number of clients have called us after having attempted to clean their rugs at home with very disappointing results… The fibers appear droopy and have lost their sheen. But the most common problem is the foul odor that the rugs retain, as these types of rugs are so thick, they take too long to dry and end up taking on a musty smell.

At Nettoyeur de la Cité, we have the necessary expertise to clean wool rugs and any other type of rugs in our workshop.

Flokati-Style wool rug cleaning

Flokati rugs are generally made by hand from wool fibers. This style of rug dates back to ancient Greece. But today, we can find Flokati rugs in all different sizes and colors. As we already mentioned, this type of rug is made of wool, but the unique feature of these rugs is that the wool fibers are found not only on the surface but on the underside, as well. Even through certain rugs are very old, they’re still considered works of art. They can even blend in very well in a modern environment. If you have a rug of this type, you undoubtedly know that it requires frequent maintenance of a very particular type. What’s the best way to clean a Flokati rug? By calling us! Thanks to our unique, specialized technique for cleaning wool rugs, you can rest assured that your rugs will retain a fresh appearance, like new, for a long time to come.

Identifying the type of fiber in your rugs

Before cleaning a wool rug, it’s important to identify the material it’s made from. While these rugs are primarily composed of wool, they may also contain a mixture of synthetic and modified fibers to give them the characteristic appearance of a Flokati rug. Since our goal is to achieve the best results when cleaning wool rugs, we use only cleaning products and stain removers that are compatible with the tint and the particular type of fibers used in the rug.

Soaking and brushing rug

Since the fibers used in these types of rugs are often of excellent quality, particular attention is required in order to deep-clean them effectively. That’s why we use a wool rug cleaning solution that’s specially designed for use on Flokati rugs. Soft, delicate brushing helps bring all of the accumulated dirt and debris to the surface, where it can then be extracted more efficiently.

Washing and rinsing Flokati rugs

After soaking, it’s important to rid the Flokati rug of any residue left behind by soap or stain removers. A good rinsing, followed by extraction, will eliminate all traces of these products, leaving the rug free of any greasy substances or chemicals so you’re assured of a living environment that’s healthy and non-toxic. During the wool rug cleaning process, when necessary, we can also apply complementary products, such as pet stain treatments and antibacterial treatments to control odors.

Quick drying for rugs

After we clean a wool rug, we dry it either flat or suspended in our drying room, which is equipped with powerful fans and dehumidifiers to ensure that the rug is dried completely. We can then apply a Teflon-based protective treatment, if requested. We’ll perform a final inspection to ensure the quality of the cleaning job before we wrap up your wool rug and deliver it to your home or business.

To each rug, its own cleaning method

Every type of rug must be cleaned differently, observing very precise techniques and using products that have been expressly designed for the specific type of fibers used in the rug’s construction, especially when it comes to cleaning wool rugs. By following these guidelines, we prolong the useful life of your rugs and provide your family with a healthy environment that’s free of allergens, dust and germs. We also recommend applying a top-quality protective treatment in order to preserve the beautiful appearance of your rugs and protect your investment for as long as possible.

The team of experts at Nettoyeur de la Cité can clean all of the following types of rugs and more:

Here’s a brief description of the method we use in our workshop to clean rugs made of wool or other delicate fibers:

First of all, when picking up your rug at your home, our specialized technician will conduct a visual inspection of the rug and recommend any treatments that may be necessary.

Once in our workshop, the rug will be hung and gently beaten to dislodge as much embedded dirt and dust as possible.

After applying the necessary cleaning products and stain removers, we’ll give the rug a good brushing in order to bring trapped dirt to the surface.

Once we finish brushing the rug, we’ll deep-clean it with a steam jet and then use a powerful extractor to get rid of even the tiniest of dust particles.

The rug will then be hung up to dry or dried flat in our drying room, which is specially equipped with power fans and dehumidifiers to ensure that the rug dries quickly, thus preventing the development of musty odors.

Once your rug is dry, we’ll carefully pack it up. Our technician will then return it to you and will even be happy to help you put it back in place.

You can count on the experts at Nettoyeur de la Cité! Call us today for a free estimate on cleaning your wool rugs!

Regardless of whether your rugs came from Tibet, Pakistan, Morocco or Turkey, whether you purchased them at Sears or IKEA, you can rest assured that you’ll receive outstanding rug cleaning service when you call on the specialists at Nettoyeur de la Cité.

In addition to cleaning wool rugs, Nettoyeur de la Cité specializes in ventilation duct cleaning and spring cleaning services throughout Quebec. Contact us today for a free evaluation.


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