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Dryer duct cleaning services in Quebec

Failing to maintain your dryer duct scan result in serious consequences.Each year there are manyfire outbreaks inhomes because of the dryer pipe being cluttered with clothing fibers.
Nettoyeur de la Cité offers a preventive dryer duct cleaning and maintenance service to that you never have to worry about a possible fire. It also improves the dryer duct’s performance and reduces energy consumption.

Preventive maintenance is smart!

How often should you clean dryer ducts

We recommend havingyourdryer ductscleanedevery 2or 3years, depending on usage.Frequent and/or heavy use may require more regular maintenance.

Wind tunnel cleaning

To clean your lint clogged conduits, our technicians use a wind tunnel blower that pushes the dirt outside of your house. This highly effective method unclogs the worst bottle necks and it protects you against fire and reduces energy losses.

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