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Partnership between two Quebec businesses

While it may be hard to find anything positive about COVID-19, we must admit that it made us realize the importance of purchasing and consuming local products to stimulate Quebec’s economy and encourage our fellow residents. In March of 2020, Nettoyeur de la Cité initiated a major change in its main supplier of cleaning and […]

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COVID-19: disinfect your home against the coronavirus

Everyone’s talking about COVID-19, better known as the coronavirus. The whole world is on alert, and each and every one of us must take precise preventive measures to curtail the propagation of the disease. Specializing in residential cleaning, Nettoyeur de la Cité can help you sanitize your home using effective products and expert techniques. Our […]

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Cleaning your dryer

If your dryer doesn’t seem to be working optimally, if there’s a smell like something’s burning or if it feels like your laundry room is getting hot and steamy whenever the dryer is on, it’s probably time to clean your dryer vents. Are you unfamiliar with this type of cleaning? It’s recommended to clean your […]

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2019 Consumers’ Choice Award Trois-Rivières

We’re very proud to have won the prestigious 2019 Consumers’ Choice Award in the Ventilation Duct Cleaning category for the Trois-Rivières region. Since 1984, we’ve been specializing in cleaning ventilation and heating ducts, as well as dryer vents. We would like to thank our technicians in the greater Trois-Rivières region. It’s thanks to you that […]

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When and how to maintain your air exchanger filter

Your air exchanger is nothing less than the lungs of your home. Not only does it allow proper air circulation in each room, but it also removes suspended particles from the air. So your filter better be clean! Have you given any thought to doing maintenance on it? Do you even know where it is? […]

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Cleaning a sectional

If there’s one object in your home that seems to attract dust, messes and family disarray like no other, it would have to be the living room sofa. Whether you have a sectional, a full-size sofa, a love seat or a large corner group, it’s the centerpiece of your living room, so it’s only natural […]

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The importance of cleaning your ducts before winter

Duct cleaning should be on your list of priorities when the time comes to start thinking about winterizing your home. It’s a matter of the health of the occupants of your home. The only time it will get any air is when the doors open. The windows will remain closed. So the air your family […]

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Tile cleaning tips and tricks

Has your tile changed color over time? Do you have trouble cleaning the tiles and grout? Whether you’re cleaning the tile in your kitchen or your shower, you have to go to great lengths to get satisfactory results. That’s why Nettoyeur de la Cité would like to share some helpful hints to make your tile […]

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Keeping your home clean when you have domestic animals

They may be little or they may be fluffy. Either way, they’re cute, and we adore them. Our pets are part of the family, but even so, they should never prevent us from keeping our homes clean. These little balls of fur are one of our greatest joys. But we have to set aside a […]

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Cleaning Tip: Baking Soda!

The many virtues of baking soda While it’s true that it comes in handy for baking, baking soda does much more than just help you make desserts. It can also help you make your sink shine, clean your refrigerator, freshen the air and even settle your stomach by neutralizing excess acid. Baking soda can be […]

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Tips on residential carpet cleaning

Clean your carpets to get rid of stubborn dirt In the winter, it’s de-icing salt, calcium or melting snow. And in the summer, it’s gravel or grass that sticks to the souls of your sandals. Your home’s rugs and carpets are rarely immune from the ravages of weather, harmful pollutants or everyday mishaps. After all, […]

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Discover the benefits of getting your mattress clean

Clean your mattress and sleep more comfortably With the biting winter cold, you don’t even want to think about opening your windows to air out your bedroom. But at the same time, if you want to get a good night’s sleep, you need a good-quality environment. That’s why you should consider having your mattress cleaned. […]

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