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Oriental or Perisan rugs cleaning services in Quebec

Oriental, Persian, Turkish or Moroccan. They are more than just carpets, they are works of art. That is why it is imperative to have them cleaned by specialists who really know their trade. Nettoyeur de la Cité has an expertise in Oriental rig Cleaning.

At Nettoyeur de la Cité, our 32 years of expertise in the cleaning of oriental carpets enabled us to develop specific techniques and processes for each type of fiber and to improve our knowledge about various cleaning and purifying products.

To prolong the life of your luxury carpets, we recommend applying a high quality protective treatment that is both gentle and highly effective. It in no way alters the color or texture of your carpet. The protective treatment creates a resistance to stains at the fiber level, leaving only surface stains. These are then more easily removed.

Whether your carpets are from Tibet, Iran, Pakistan, Kashmir, Morocco or Turkey, you are assured of an impeccable superior service when you use Nettoyeur de la Cité’s cleaning specialists.

Cleaning your Oriental or Persian rugs normally takes place in our workshop, and we arrange free pick-up and delivery.

Get in touch with us without waiting for a free estimate! We are present in many cities across Quebec: Laval, greater Montreal, Longueuil, Brossard, the Laurentians, Quebec City and Gatineau.


A silk carpet adds a touch of luxury to any room! The right model and the right colors of silk rug creates a spectacular effect in the house, as long as, naturally, it is clean and without stains… A dirty carpet will certainly not create the same impression! Silk rugs call for particular care due to the fragility of its fibers. You certainly do not want to loose the radiance of your carpet and that soft and shiny appearance that makes your décor so charming! At Nettoyeur de la Cité we have many years of experience in the cleaning of silk rugs and we guarantee the best type of cleaning, without harming or altering the texture or the appearance of the carpets, whatever the type of fiber!

After inspecting your rug, our professional technician will determine the necessary type of cleaning. The cleaning and stain-removing products will be selected according to the type of fibers and the color of the carpet. Her are the main steps of the cleaning process:


The first step is to eliminate every dust particle from the carpet. We will carefully proceed with a superior power vacuum cleaner that in no way compares with the household type. This process will eliminate in depth any trace of dust, pet hair and will in no way harm the fibers of your carpet.


The next step is to localise and process stains or the dirtiest spots on the carpet. We examine the nature of the stains and use the appropriate treatment and products. We pre-process stains one by one for an optimal cleaning result, never damaging or modifying the colors.


Once the type of fiber is identified, the stains processed, now comes the time to proceed to the cleaning of your rug. Silk carpets must sometimes be dry cleaned in order to preserve the appearance of the fabric and prevent discoloration. We will make sure that we use the best cleaning method, whether it be dry, steam or water cleaning.


Some stains or environments can leave a bad odor in the rugs. In those particular cases, we use techniques that eliminate every odor, like cigarette, pet urine or humidity smells. We don’t conceal odors, we eliminate them!


Silk rugs are delicate and the stains, however small they may be, greatly alter the appearance of the carpet. That is why we recommend a coating of Teflon protector which will preserve the beauty and prolong the life of the carpet.

So if you are seeking a cleaning expert for your silk rugs, contact us now, you will be convinced of our expertise and professionalism at the first phone call.


Turkish carpets are very popular and give a touch of exoticism to the room where they are displayed. Another reason for their popularity is the exceptional manufacturing quality of this type of rug. They are hand made and adorned with original and unique motifs. Nevertheless, this type of rug can prove to be quite complex when it comes to cleaning it. So here are the 4 main factors that you should be aware of if you own a Turkish rug.


Turkish rugs are not like other types of carpets and require a frequent and special up keeping. Be sure to vacuum them at least once a week on both sides in order to extract as much debris as possible and prevent dust accumulation. Turkish rugs have a tendency to retain and accumulate dust and dirt more than other types of carpets and are difficult to clean if not meticulously maintained.


Turkish rugs have sharp and vibrant colors that can quickly tarnish with an accumulation of dust. Stains must be treated quickly and gently. The best available way to do this is to mix 3 parts of water with one part of vinegar and delicately soak up the stained part. This cleaning technique is soft and will not degrade the colors. With this trick, you can locally treat eventual stains while protecting the natural beauty of your carpet.


We all have the same reflex when it comes to getting rid of a stains… Scrub as hard as possible to remove it! This is to be avoided at all cost with a Turkish rug. It is one of the basic rules with this type of carpet. The more you scrub, the more the stain will become embedded and the more difficult, if not impossible, it will be to remove. To remove a stain locally, do not dampen too much of an area. Apply the treatment locally and gently.


The best way to preserve the beauty of your Turkish rug is to have it cleaned by a professional. At Nettoyeur de la Cité we have been cleaning Turkish carpets for more than 32 years! We use the appropriate methods and the most powerful equipment on the market. You will never get a more superior result than what we offer, guaranteed!

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