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Oriental rug cleaning

Oriental, Persian, Turkish and Moroccan rugs are nothing less than works of art to those who own them. That’s why it’s so important to have rugs like these cleaned by specialists who are fully versed in the proper methods.

At Nettoyeur de la Cité, our expertise in Oriental rug cleaning has enabled us to develop techniques and procedures that are specific to each type of fiber and to fine-tune our knowledge of a whole range of different cleaning and sanitizing products.

In order to prolong the useful life of your luxurious rugs, we recommend applying a premium-quality protective treatment that’s highly effective and yet gentle enough so that it won’t alter the color or texture of these types of rugs. This treatment will create a protective waterproof barrier so that stains remain on the surface of the fibers rather than penetrating them. This makes the stains much easier to remove during the Oriental rug cleaning process.

Regardless of whether your rugs came from Tibet, Iran, Pakistan, Kashmir, Morocco or Turkey, you can rest assured that you’ll receive outstanding rug cleaning service when you call on the specialists at Nettoyeur de la Cité. We’ve been specializing in Oriental rug cleaning since 1984.

Normally, we’ll clean your Oriental rugs, Persian rugs and other similar types of rugs in our workshop without charging you so much as a penny for pickup or delivery.

Contact us today for a free assessment of your Oriental rug cleaning needs! We have a presence in a number of different regions throughout Quebec, including Montreal, the South Shore and North Shore areas, the Laurentians, Quebec City, Gatineau, Sherbrooke and Trois-Rivières.

Silk Rugs

A silk rug will add a touch of luxury to any room! A silk rug of just the right style and color can create a spectacular effect in your home, on the condition that it’s clean and stain-free, of course. A dirty rug definitely won’t make the same impression! Silk rugs require very specific maintenance because of the delicate nature of the fibers. You certainly wouldn’t want your rugs to lose that soft sheen that makes them one of the highlights of your décor! At Nettoyeur de la Cité, we have years of experience in cleaning Oriental rugs and silk rugs. As a result, you can rest assured that we’ll perform the optimal type of cleaning procedures to avoid damaging or altering the texture and appearance of your rugs, no matter what kind of material they’re made from!

After inspecting your rugs, our professional technician will determine what cleaning procedures will be necessary. We will select the cleaning and stain removing products to be used depending on the rug’s color and fiber composition. Here are the main steps of our process for cleaning Oriental rugs and other similar types of rugs:

Dust removal

The first step is to eliminate all of the dust particles trapped in the rug. We carefully vacuum the rug using high-powered equipment unlike anything you’ll find for home use. This process will eliminate every trace of dust and animal dander lodged deep in the fibers of your rug without damaging them.

Stain removal treatment

The next step is to pinpoint and treat any stains or heavily soiled areas on the rug. We examine the nature of the stains to determine the appropriate treatment and products to use. We pre-treat the stains one by one to achieve optimal Oriental rug cleaning results without damaging the fibers or altering the colors.

Rug washing procedure

Once we’ve identified the type of fiber and treated the stains, it’s time to begin cleaning the rug. Silk rugs must often be dry-cleaned to preserve the finish of the fabric and prevent discoloration and fading. We always make sure to use the best possible method, whether dry-cleaning or steam-cleaning, for treating Oriental rugs and other similar types of rugs.

Rug sanitation and disinfection

Certain types of stains and environments can leave foul odors in a rug. In these particular cases, we have solutions for eliminating all kinds of odors, including those caused by cigarettes, pet stains and dampness. We don’t just mask these unpleasant odors. Instead, we eliminate them completely during the process of cleaning Oriental rugs and other similar types of rugs!

Protective treatment for silk rugs

Silk rugs are very delicate, and even the smallest of stains can greatly affect their appearance. That’s why we recommend applying a Teflon-based protective treatment that will preserve the beauty of the rug and prolong its useful life.

So if you’re looking for silk rug cleaning experts, give us a call today. One call is all it will take to convince you of our expertise and professionalism!

Turkish rugs

Turkish rugs are very popular, as they can lend a touch of exoticism to any room. Another reason for the popularity of these types of rugs is the exceptional quality of their craftsmanship. They’re hand-made, featuring unique patterns and designs. However, owning a rug of this type can prove to be complicated when the time comes to clean it. Here are four important principles to keep in mind when you own a Turkish rug.

Perform regular maintenance

Turkish rugs aren’t like other types of rugs. They require particular maintenance on a frequent basis. Be sure to vacuum them at least once a week on both sides to extract as much debris as possible and prevent dust from accumulating. Turkish rugs tend to accumulate and retain more dirt and dust than other types of rugs. Failure to give them regular maintenance will make cleaning them increasingly difficult.

Preserve the colors

Turkish rugs feature vivid, vibrant colors that can quickly become dulled with the accumulation of dust. Stains must be delicately treated as soon as possible. The best home remedy is to mix three parts water to one part vinegar and gently sponge the stained area. With this gentle solution, there’s no risk of harming the colors. You can take advantage of this tip to preserve the natural beauty of your rug by spot cleaning any stains as soon as they appear.

Avoid scrubbing

When the time comes to remove a stain, we all have the same natural reflex: scrub it as hard as possible until it’s gone! But in the case of a Turkish rug, this technique must be avoided at all costs. It’s one of the fundamental rules regarding rugs of this type. The more you scrub, the more deep-set the stain will become until it’s nearly impossible to get rid of it. When spot-cleaning a stain, avoid wetting a large area. Instead, treat the stain locally and delicately.

Call on professional oriental rug cleaning services

The best way to preserve the beauty of your rug is to have it cleaned by a professional. At Nettoyeur de la Cité, we’ve been cleaning rugs of every imaginable kind since June of 1984! We use the appropriate methods and the most powerful equipment on the market. You’ll never find better Oriental rug cleaning results than the ones we can offer, guaranteed! Our skill and know-how enable us to offer you optimal results when it comes to cleaning your Oriental rugs. We’ve been the proud recipients of the prestigious Consumers’ Choice Award for several years running, thanks in part to our expertise in cleaning Oriental rugs.

Call us today for a free evaluation for Oriental rug cleaning.

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