5 Essential Habits for Your House Cleaning Routine

The cleanliness of the house has a direct impact on the health and well-being of the members of the household. However, it’s not always easy, especially when you’re working, to have a house that’s always impeccable. Here are 5 essential habits that will help you keep your house clean without needing to be a “house fairy.”

Force yourself to tidy up every day

When the rooms are littered with toys, clothes, shoes, or piles of books and newspapers, it’s hard to tidy up and to do this as often as possible, because many places are inaccessible. Putting things away once you’re done using them – and teaching every member of the household to do the same – leaves you with a free space to run the vacuum cleaner in a few minutes and helps make the house cleaner. A clean and tidy house also contributes to the well-being and relaxation of its occupants.

Clean without delay

Much like putting things away without delay before they start piling up, cleaning as you go is essential for maintaining good and pleasant hygiene conditions at all times. Sweeping the room and washing the dishes immediately after eating avoids letting food scraps linger that attract pests such as houseflies. The same goes in the bathroom: by rinsing the sink and the shower immediately after use with hot water, you prevent little bits of soap scum from forming on the walls and keep your facilities clean for longer. By adopting these habits as part of your house cleaning routine, not only does the house stay clean during the week, but the big weekend cleanup becomes easier and faster.

Dust regularly

The main sources of uncleanliness in a house are dust and little bits of dirt. That’s why it’s necessary to dust with a duster and vacuum at least once a week in each room. To make the experience less burdensome and less tiring for the lower back, it’s best to proceed room by room. For example, you can vacuum one room every day of the week to avoid having to dust everything on the weekend. It should be noted that if you want to minimize the dusting, it’s not recommended to accumulate little trinkets, which take a very long time to dust.

Wash and dry the laundry without letting it pile up

Rather than letting the dirty laundry pile up and doing it all on the weekend, it’s preferable to start a load of laundry once there’s enough to fill a machine. And while you’re at it, dry, fold, and put away the clean laundry as soon as it’s done. Using several hampers for your dirty clothes is ideal, because that way, you can sort the laundry into categories: you know at a glance if you have enough clothes to fill a machine set to hot water, warm water, or cold water.

Regularly brush your pets

Dogs and cats shed their fur, which accumulates along with dust. Regularly brushing your pet, especially before vacuuming the living room, helps them shed less and helps keep the room clean for longer.

Cleaning a house is always seen as an obligation. But by organizing it intelligently and forcing yourself to do a few chores every day, you permanently benefit from a healthy and pleasant interior while making the weekend cleanup less tedious.

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