5 Ways to Clean a Wool Rug Stained with Mud

You’ve just returned from a hike in the forest and, just out of the car, your little youngsters rush straight into your living room, leaving huge mud stains that mess up your wool carpet. Don’t panic! Cleaning a wool rug isn’t as complex a task as you might think at first when looking at the stains that have grabbed hold of the material. Here, we give you 5 ways to clean it as well as possible.

Remove the mud stains with baking soda

In case of mud stains on your wool rug, baking soda is a cleaning product suited to the fibres of the wool. Using a soft sponge and a sufficient amount of sparkling water, gently and lightly scrub all the stains. Once they’re all coated with water, let dry for around thirty minutes before sprinkling a sufficient amount of baking soda over all the stains, as well as over the other parts of the rug that aren’t necessarily stained, to avoid creating halos. Finally, after the baking soda dries completely, you just have to vacuum the carpet thoroughly to remove any excess product.

Clean the mud stains with a steam cleaner

If the mud stains on your wool rug aren’t enormous, it’s possible to clean them with a steam cleaner, although this requires taking a few precautions. Indeed, the steam may tarnish the colours of your rug, and you should therefore be careful that this doesn’t risk discolouring it. To do this, clean the carpet quickly without overdoing it, then observe. If no negative effects occur, add a cleaning solution to the water in your device and move the device over the carpet several times until the stains disappear completely. Finish this operation by rinsing the carpet.

Get rid of the mud stains with a mixture of water and vinegar

Very effective at removing mud stains, white vinegar is suitable for cleaning even the toughest stains. To achieve a perfect cleaning, mix 200 mL of warm water with 500 mL of white vinegar and soak a soft sponge in the resulting liquid before cleaning the entire rug, focusing on the stains.

Clean a carpet stained with mud by brushing it

If you don’t have the necessary products or you don’t want to risk pouring liquids on your valuable wool rug, you can also let the mud dry completely before scrubbing the carpet gently in the stained areas with a soft brush. Be careful with the wool; you should never scrub it with a hard brush because the carpet risks losing its material in the form of lint through insistent contact with the brush bristles.

Rely on wool rug cleaning specialists

Because deep cleaning a wool rug must be done using a device equipped with a mechanical brush, the best way to remove mud stains from it and to give it new life is to rely on carpet cleaning specialists. Indeed, each type of carpet must be cleaned in a specific way, because the material with which it was made and each type of fibre must be respected so as not to damage them. The cleaning products and methods must therefore be chosen scrupulously to prolong the lifespan of the carpet and to provide a healthy environment to your family. Relying on specialists may therefore allow you to avoid damaging your valuable carpet.  

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