Dry Carpet Cleaner: How to Do it By Yourself?

A real nest of dust, dirt, and mites, carpets are also subjected to various stains! Because they’re heavily used, carpets strongly require regular maintenance, as well as cleaning when they’re stained or lose their natural shine. If you’re wondering how to dry clean a carpet yourself, here are our tips and advice that will make your life easier.

The items to have in your possession to dry clean a carpet

  • Baking soda
  • A soft-bristled brush
  • A vacuum cleaner

How to dry clean and dust a carpet and remove stains

To make stains disappear as much as possible and deeply clean the fibres of a carpet, start by sprinkling a good amount of baking soda on your carpet. To make the baking soda penetrate the material, scrub the entire carpet with a soft-bristled brush, especially where the stains are. That way, and by making circular motions, you’ll help the product enter all the fibres of the carpet and bring out the materials that are stuck to them. This step not only helps capture the dust and all the foreign matter, but also deodorize the carpet.

After gently and carefully scrubbing the carpet in the stained areas, let the baking soda work for at least 15 minutes or – better yet – overnight so that it can really act in depth. Finally, thoroughly vacuum the entire carpet several times to remove all the baking soda. By following these few steps, you’ll normally regain a bright carpet free from any stains or noxious odours!

  • Note: In some cases, and particularly in the case of an old, large, and extremely stubborn stain, this type of dry cleaning won’t be enough to recover the beauty and natural colour of your carpet. Indeed, you sometimes have to rely on a cleaning professional, who will be able to remove these stains thanks to their expertise, their experience, and certain products that are as powerful as they are respectful of the fibres of each carpet. Indeed, never try to apply a more powerful product that you don’t know much about, or you could damage the entire carpet and create stains that are even larger and more stubborn.

Clean stains and carry out regular maintenance

To help your carpet keep its natural elegance in the long term, but also to make it easier to clean stains, it’s important to carry out regular maintenance on it. To do this, begin by vacuuming your carpet at least once or twice a week, and every day if possible. If your vacuum cleaner has a nozzle and a brushing mode, move the brush as often as possible both over and under the carpet to scrub its fibres, dust it, and suck up the unwanted pests that are hiding everywhere. However, vacuum gently if your carpet is fragile.


  • Always start by dry cleaning your carpet.
  • Don’t use overly powerful products without knowing their effects.
  • Always test these on a corner of the carpet to observe their effects.
  • Clean starting from the edge of the area toward the centre to prevent the stain from spreading, or clean the carpet completely.
  • Avoid liquids as much as possible on your carpet, even for cleaning.
  • If you use a steam cleaner, clean your carpet without a cleaning solution, but by absorbing the dirt on the carpet with a clean cloth only.
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