Garage Organization: Where to Start and How to Do It?

Organizing a garage may seem like mission impossible, since this room is generally used as a storage room or dumping ground for everything that doesn’t fit in the closets of the house. However, you should know that this disorder isn’t inevitable, and good organization is usually all that’s required to overcome even the biggest messes. Here are our 4 steps for achieving good garage organization.

Step 1: Make an Assessment of Your Garage

To be able to organize your garage in the most optimal way possible, our first tip is to take advantage of a day off to empty it out completely and make an assessment of it, like when you arrived at your home. Once your garage is emptied of all your different objects, look over each of its corners and determine on paper or in your head what they will be used for: one corner for a DIY area because there’s a table there, one corner for storing camping gear, or one corner for storing garden furniture in the winter. That way, you’ll already reorganize the whole space and be able to know exactly which objects are still in your garage.

Step 2: The Big Cleanup

Now it’s time to do the big cleanup of your garage. Indeed, since you’ve decided to make this room a storage or DIY area, it must be cleaned regularly and from top to bottom. Given that garages are rooms that can quickly be prone to humidity and therefore to the appearance of mold, your garage may be very dirty – even more than you thought. If that’s the case, you can rely on a company specializing in cleaning to make it look like new.

Step 3: After the Big Cleanup, Now It’s Sorting Time

It’s time to sort through all your stuff, which you’ve temporarily stored in another room or even outside. To do this, gather together all the people involved in the pile of things that you’ve removed from the garage, and sort them by category: sporting equipment, DIY tools, camping gear, etc. Once you’ve made the stacks of things, sort each item by separating them as follows:

  • objects to be kept in the garage
  • objects to be thrown away (surely necessary to avoid clogging up the room again!)
  • objects to be stored elsewhere, in another area of the house.

Step 4: Organize Your Garage Again

Because you’ve already made the assessment of the garage and the objects that you want to keep in this room during the previous steps, the final step in tidying up your garage now involves organizing them. So create your DIY corner, near the table that will be used for tinkering, or your camping corner on the shelves at the back. Then, physically define each area by placing each object that you’ve decided to keep, and create shelving, add shelves, buy storage bins, etc. In addition, consider placing the items that you use most often within reach!

In short, organizing a garage isn’t such a complex task if you devote some time to it and follow these 4 organization steps. You should finally reach the end of your troubles, and you’ll be able to see everything in your garage again.

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