Hot Air Extractors: How Do They Work?

In both new and older homes, ventilation problems can arrive quickly and cause health problems such as eye irritation, headaches, and breathing problems in the inhabitants of the premises. These symptoms caused by the pollutants contained in the ambient air can be avoided by installing a hot air extractor.

How does an air extractor work?

Air extractors are sophisticated technological devices that replace the impure air contained in your walls that pollutes your atmosphere with fresh, unpolluted air. Indeed, the ambient air may contain fumes from the chemicals that we use to clean our interiors, for example, as well as harmful gases, volatile organic compounds, bacteria, mould, moisture, tobacco smoke, or bad smells. The modern insulation of new homes is likely to bring us even more atmospheric pollution due to its high capacity to prevent the movement of the air. Moisture and pollutants therefore remain trapped in the interiors of buildings. The standard for air renewal is considered to be a renewal every two to three hours in a home or professional space occupied all day or night. In that sense, it seems difficult to achieve this standard in the middle of winter in Québec, where the temperatures don’t allow for proper ventilation without consuming energy unnecessarily.

The features of an air extractor

  • Replacing the indoor air with outdoor air in well-insulated homes.
  • Managing excess humidity levels, which are dangerous for our health, especially in the winter.
  • Ridding the ambient air of various pollutants, such as chemicals, gases (radon), bacteria, and mould.
  • Ensuring that the air you breathe is of good quality.

The additional features of a hot air extractor

An air extractor extracts and introduces air simultaneously in an interior environment, which helps purify the air by ridding it of atmospheric pollutants. In addition to that, a hot air extractor recovers the heat from the air extracted from the home to the outside and transmits it to the air introduced into the home. The hot air extractor is generally installed in bathrooms and introduces the outdoor air into the rooms of a house, such as the living room, the bedrooms, and the regularly closed rooms. It’s a very useful device in the winter and a particularly good option in Québec, a region with a cold climate during the season. If not, there are two other options for devices: the air extractor without heat recovery and the air extractor with energy recovery. An air extractor with heat recovery also has the advantage – compared to a simple air purifier – of saving you energy and therefore money on your bills.

What humidity level should be maintained in a home?

The humidity level refers to the amount of water present in suspension in the air. When it’s between 10 and 20 degrees Celsius outside, this can be 55%, while it should be 35% when it’s a temperature between -10 and -20 degrees Celsius.

Note: The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) alerts Canadians about the humidity level inside their homes, especially during the winter, when it may exceed 50% due to poor ventilation, which promotes the development of harmful mould.

You can have a hot air extractor installed by professionals or have a device already present in your new home cleaned to make it work before the arrival of winter to prevent any risk to your health and that of your family.

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