How to Preserve Your White Carpet for as Long as Possible

Stains on carpets and rugs are never a good surprise, especially when the stained surface is white. Indeed, white carpets, which are very stylish in interior design, give an impression of grandeur and freshness to any room, but caring for them can be difficult. As the slightest defect stands out on a light surface, there are a few tricks for preserving your white carpet for as long as possible.

  • Prevention

When you have a white carpet, it’s clear that you should pay more attention to it than other types of flooring, such as parquet or simply a dark carpet. As the saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” so take care to establish good habits to avoid getting your immaculate floor dirty too quickly. For example, avoid wearing shoes inside, make sure to leave a space to put your winter boots that don’t come into contact with the white carpet, and be careful during meals eaten in these rooms, especially in the presence of children and pets.

  • Regular maintenance

The regular maintenance of your carpet is also essential. Indeed, a whole cleaning routine accompanies a carpet, especially if it’s white. So make sure to vacuum the dust, dirt, and residue embedded in the carpet with a quality vacuum cleaner. Ideally, you should vacuum at least once or twice a week, or even every day if possible.

  • Act fast

Pets, children, hectic meals, clumsiness… It’s impossible to prevent stains when you have a white carpet. After all, any room in the house remains a space for living, and you’re not going to stop doing it for a carpet! The golden rule with a light surface is to clean any stain as soon as possible – that is, as soon as it happens – to prevent it from permeating in depth. Most of the time, warm water and a mild soap will do the trick, even if the stain doesn’t disappear completely. Be careful not to scrub too hard, as this could spread the stain and damage the fibres of the carpet; the patting technique is recommended instead. Watch out for the cleaning products sold on the market, too, as some can be very abrasive on the fibre, or simply not suitable. When in doubt, we recommend testing the product on a part hidden by furniture, for example, before using it on the entire surface.

  • Deep clean

To clean thoroughly, different extraction methods are used that are usually based on a steam system. If you feel comfortable, you can rent extraction machines and try to use them yourself at home. The machines can be hard to handle, however, and the cleaning solutions must be carefully measured. It’s therefore recommended to call an expert before embarking on this adventure, so you don’t make things worse.

  • Call in the professionals

We recommend having your carpet cleaned at least once a year by a professional. This is the case for any carpet, but especially if it’s white or light in colour. The fact is that no homemade solution will be able to clean a white carpet thoroughly and give it back its shine without expert help.

A white carpet is a major asset in a home, bringing light and refinement to a room. Although it requires special attention, it’s not impossible to have a white carpet and keep it in good condition for a long time. The most important thing is not to neglect its maintenance and to make this part of your regular routine.

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