How to Remove Cat Hair From Carpet?

If despite all the love you have for your furry friend, the accumulation of hair in your favorite carpet bothers you and you’re wondering how to get rid of it, follow our tips! Even if your pet is not losing hair right now, cats—like dogs—shed twice a year, so you may be thrilled to discover some easy ways to clean your carpet.

Start by Getting Rid of Excess Hair on Your Cat

Because most of the hair that falls on your sofa, your bed, or even your favorite carpet is dead, remove them from your cat before they land on your furniture or other items. In fact, by regularly brushing your furry companion with a pet hair remover brush, particularly when they are shedding, you will considerably reduce pet hair accumulation in your carpet.

Ways to Remove Cat Hair from Carpet

  • Use a crepe brush or a damp washcloth

Run a real crepe brush, used to clean material like suede or nubuck, or a damp washcloth you’ve wrung out, over your carpet to quickly remove cat hair daily. By rubbing the carpet in circular motions in the same direction, you will form large balls of hair you can then easily pick up and throw out.

  • Use a residential vacuum

If you just have a household vacuum cleaner and don’t want to call professional carpet cleaners, start with the vacuum at full power. To really suck up the cat hair, you need to apply pressure to the vacuum for maximum suction. In general, the suction force of a residential vacuum is not powerful enough so you’ll need to go over the same area several times to be sure you’ve sucked up all the hair. We suggest you use a special attachment for cat or dog hair, which should fit onto most household vacuums, or at least a special brush tip to make your job easier. After each cleaning, take care to remove all the collected hair from the attachment. Hair has an annoying tendency to form clumps that can block the nozzle of your vacuum and even damage the system.   

  • Use a commercial vacuum

Because a commercial vacuum not only has power but also suction speed up to 10 times higher than a residential model, using one can remove all the cat hair in one pass over the carpet. All that power makes it much easier for people who need to vacuum regularly to remove pet hair from their furniture and other items.

If your vacuum cleaner is generally doing a good job, but you sometimes need professional help, hire the services of professional carpet cleaners who have the necessary equipment to take care of any issues. Plus, they can give your carpet a thorough clean and get rid of any deeply embedded animal hair.

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