How to Remove Wine Stains From Carpet?

Wine stains are often the most common as a result of clumsiness or mere accidents when serving drinks to guests—wine might splash out of a glass, a friend might bump into you as you’re pouring a glass, or the glass might slip out of your hands as you’re refilling it. These things happen, and you are always left wondering how to remove wine stains from your beautiful carpet.

Removing Wine Stains From Carpet

  • Quickly clean the stain

You should immediately clean a wine stain on the carpet, even more so than any furniture, before it has the chance of drying and becoming embedded in the fibers. You need to act fast and blot the stain as soon as possible.

  • Dry but Don’t Spread the Stain

When trying to completely remove a wine stain from your carpet, you face the risk of spreading it and creating another stain or even “halos.” To avoid making the situation worse, soak up the liquid, pat it vigorously with a damp sponge, but never rub the carpet, as doing so may spread the stain. You should also use the least amount of product possible to avoid staining the carpet with another product as well as increasing the time needed to dry it out.

  • Taking Care of an Older Stain

Even if you didn’t act quickly after wine stained your carpet, you can still try removing it. With a damp sponge soaked in carbonated water and a bit of white vinegar, vigorously dab the stain. Afterward, rinse it using a damp sponge.

  • Dry the Area

Once you have successfully removed the wine stain from your carpet, you should take the time to dry the area. In fact, a damp carpet that not dried quickly enough can lead to mold growth. Using a clean cloth and a hair dryer or fan, carefully dry the area.

Be careful, however, with a colorful carpet; some patterns or colors may fade or rub off due to wine or a wet sponge that isn’t wrung out enough. To avoid damaging your carpet, always test the test with a cotton swab. If your carpet is deeply stained or a valuable vintage piece, you could hire professionals to clean it.

  • Call the Professionals

With professional equipment, including eco-friendly cleaning products and vacuums that suck up liquids or steam clean, professional carpet cleaners can save and revive your stained carpet. Like a washing machine for your clothes, steam cleaning can loosen and dislodge dirt particles without leaving behind any residue in the carpet fibers, unlike carpet shampooing with a foaming solution. In addition to cleaning your carpet and removing stains, professional carpet cleaning disinfects the fibers, makes it more delicate to the touch, and gives your carpet a second life!

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