Is It a Good Idea to Rent Professional Cleaning Equipment?

Is your commercial or residential building in a poor state of cleanliness after a long time without cleaning, and you want to do a big spring cleanup? If your choice is wavering between bringing in a cleaning company or renting professional cleaning equipment and doing the work yourself, here is our guide to help you make the right choice for a serious cleanup.

Renting Professional Cleaning Equipment

Because the total surface area of your commercial or residential building is fairly substantial, you can’t do the planned big cleanup with standard cleaning equipment. To do an effective job and wash, dust, polish, wax, scrub, clean, or scour every last nook and cranny of each room, you need professional cleaning equipment that can be deployed everywhere. Indeed, your little household vacuum cleaner will have a hard time cleaning the whole building, and you run the risk of breaking it.

The Equipment to Rent to Clean a Large Area:

  • An automatic washer
  • A sweeper
  • A single-disc machine
  • A dry and/or wet vacuum cleaner
  • A pressure washer
  • A floor waxer
  • A floor polisher
  • A floor buffer
  • A sander, etc.

The Downsides of Renting Cleaning Equipment:

  • Requires knowing how to use the equipment: Renting professional cleaning equipment is a good solution for controlling the cost of a big spring cleaning for your commercial or residential building, but it requires knowing how to use the professional equipment. Indeed, it’s not enough just to receive the equipment to be able to use it, because certain cleaning machines are very powerful and can even be hard to use without at least some training.
  • Avoiding common accidents: Individuals often resort to renting professional cleaning equipment, especially in order to save money on labour. Unfortunately, accidents may happen while using the equipment or during the cleaning. People who aren’t used to cleaning this type of large area may slip, fall, or injure themselves accidentally.

The Big Spring Cleaning Carried Out by Professionals

To avoid renting professional cleaning equipment and finding yourself in an unpleasant situation such as not knowing how to use the equipment properly, not being able to carry out the big cleaning, or hurting yourself while performing the tasks, rely instead on trained professionals to accomplish these tasks perfectly.

Because a big spring cleaning lets you restore freshness and shine to a building and provide a healthy environment to its occupants, this task shouldn’t be taken lightly and must be carried out both regularly and properly. In a residential building as in a commercial building, the big spring cleaning lets you get rid of bacteria and viruses to prevent allergies and illness. When carried out by professionals, it also lets you give a second life and add value to a building by eliminating the mold, fungus, dust, parasites, and other pests that may have come into your interior. Finally, cleaning – and particularly the big spring cleaning – is rarely a happy affair, so simplify the task and avoid adding another workload to your already-busy life by relying on an experienced professional cleaning company.

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