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Keeping your home clean when you have domestic animals

They may be little or they may be fluffy. Either way, they’re cute, and we adore them. Our pets are part of the family, but even so, they should never prevent us from keeping our homes clean.
These little balls of fur are one of our greatest joys. But we have to set aside a little time to clean up after them. It’s essential to consider ways to make life easier so we can enjoy those special times with our animals.

With a little advance planning, you can spare yourself from having to spend hours cleaning and scrubbing later on. First of all, avoid rugs. Animals like to sprawl out on them, and their fur gets trapped in the fibers. Along with the odors, which are easily absorbed by the synthetic materials. It’s better to get rid of the rugs in the rooms where the puppy likes to flop down on the floor. Otherwise, weekly vacuuming with baking soda will be essential.

Clean and brush…frequently

Domestic animals don’t necessarily like baths. But baths are necessary if you want to be able to breathe easily in your own home. It’s important to use the appropriate type of shampoo for your animal, whether it’s a canine, feline or rabbit. Scrub, rinse, brush and dry. And don’t forget the paws, which shouldn’t remain wet.

The same goes for your furry friends when they come in from outdoors. Brush the pads of their feet to prevent spreading germs, dirt and blades of grass. If you have a cat that stays indoors all the time, make sure to clean the litter box regularly. While you may be used to the smell, visitors definitely won’t appreciate it.

Air out the rooms

Make sure to freshen the air in your home or apartment often. Scented candles and air fresheners will do the trick temporarily, but to really make sure the air is clean, you’ll eventually need to open the windows. Weather permitting, you should open your windows and patio doors for 10 to 15 minutes to let in some fresh air.

That smell you’re so used to can easily become trapped in your furniture and mattresses. As much as possible, you should try to prevent your furry little tenant from sleeping on them. You can arrange a little corner for him, where he’ll be sure to enjoy a nice peaceful nap after a long walk.

A healthy diet

A healthy animal in a clean home will give you plenty of reasons to smile. You should feed your pet the food that is intended for it. This means avoiding feeding it table scraps as much as possible. Most importantly, you should put a container under its bowl to catch any crumbs that might escape, making a mess and smelling up your home.

When it comes to your pets’ toys, frequent washing is essential. It’s a question of health for every member of your family, including the one who’s so near and dear to everyone’s heart. They’ll appreciate it all the more if it doesn’t leave any unpleasant traces behind.

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