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Major Cleaning in Montreal

The major Spring cleaning chore is a synonym of stress and discouragement for you because you don’t know where to start? To ease your task and lighten your timetable all year round, trust the expertise and efficiency of Nettoyeur de la Cité, the major cleaning specialists in Montreal. We are recognized for offering high quality service all across Quebec and have even won the Consumer’s Choice Award 2015, a reward for the best Canadian businesses in their respective areas of expertise. You are therefore certain to get a deep cleaning of your carpets, rugs, upholstered furniture, mattresses, air ducts and exchangers, surface areas, kitchen and bathroom, and will be able to breathe freely and without exhausting yourself while our technicians go about the sanitization of your home with the help of efficient products and ultra sophisticated equipment. Get in touch with us today for an appointment!


Nettoyeur de la Cité’s mission is to offer you quality residential cleaning services at an affordable price. Our first objective is to guarantee your total satisfaction, as it is important for us to respect your needs and make sure that your house gleams with cleanliness!


You will be in good hands with our team of housekeeping technicians; they will take the time to listen to your needs, do thorough and meticulous work with the greatest respect for your environment and your intimacy. Our experienced and trustworthy employees are carefully selected in order to offer you the best available personnel.


We are proud to use biodegradable and eco friendly products that respect our standard of quality and that are good for you and the environment. These products are well known and efficient against tough stains. Our vacuum cleaners use Hepa filters to make sure that you breathe pure air!


Everybody agrees that cleaning walls and ceilings is a difficult task carry out. It is important to start by identifying the finish of the wall to clean in order to use the right products and not damage the painted surface. If the dirt is very resistant, the use of a grease remover may be required. Mat finish paints are most often used for ceilings and, in most cases, a deep dusting will be enough to bring back their original state. We are experts in floor cleaning, whatever the finish: ceramic, wood, linoleum, hard wood, floating wood, vinyl, etc.


To remove the dust that accumulates everywhere in your home, we use a special Hepa filter equipped vacuum cleaner, in order to filter the air that you breathe and avoid the redistribution of particles in the ambient air. Every corner of your house will be fine tooth combed in a methodical and meticulous fashion, so that not one dirt particle remains in your environment.


In need of a little tidying up in your garage as everything is in disarray? No problem, that is what we are here for! Cluttered rooms and don’t know which way to turn, we will be there to help you find yourself again and put a little order in that hodgepodge.


For impeccable and affordable window cleaning, call on us. With our 32 years of experience, you will be totally satisfied! We use professional quality tools and equipment in order to get the best results. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!


Our services are adapted to answer to your commercial window cleaning needs, whatever the type of window. Complete window cleaning includes inside and outside cleaning, screens, frames and edges of your windows. It is essential to call upon our specialists who are masters of the techniques and methods of commercial window cleaning.


Choosing Nettoyeur de la Cité for maintenance and commercial cleaning services, is choosing a competent and conscientious business. Our cleaning methods are controlled and meticulous, always using biodegradable products as we are concerned with the environment.

We are well aware that all your energies are invested in the success of your business and that the image it reflects is of prime concern to you. Let us free you from this responsibility by using our commercial cleaning services. It is up to us to adjust to your needs, it is our duty to offer you a flexible timetable so that you can go about your business with complete peace of mind!

Types of businesses that are our clients:

  • Condominiums and single family homes
  • Restaurants
  • Retail businesses
  • Dental and medical clinics
  • Co-ownership associations
  • Professional offices
  • Schools
  • Banks and credit unions
  • Day-care centers
  • And many more…


A proud leader in the cleaning business since June 1984, Nettoyeur de la Cité is the ultimate business for major housekeeping and cleaning services in Montreal and surrounding area. Our strongest asset is to personally answer your questions, taking time to explain our services and answer all your questions (no answering machine or never ending telephone system!). No salesperson will solicit you and there are no false promotions. Rest assured that the passion of offering an excellent service is always on our minds! Satisfied customers through the years is our greatest reward

You are certain to get a deep cleaning and will be able to breathe freely without exhausting yourself while our technicians go about the sanitizing of your home with efficient products and ultra sophisticated equipment.

At Nettoyeur de la Cité we listen to your priorities and needs in order to give up to par cleaning results and even more!

Call on us today to for an appointment.

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