Outdoor Window Cleaning: What Are the Main Challenges?

Who doesn’t dream of having shiny windows free of any marks at all times? Window cleaning is a task that requires taking several precautions, because besides putting the person who cleans them at risk of falling, it’s also a particularly delicate task to achieve a good, lasting end result.

The main challenges of window washing


  • Choosing the right time


While you’re more likely to want to wash your windows on nice days rather than in the middle of the winter under the snow, you should nevertheless refrain from doing so in periods of high heat, and especially during heatwaves. Why? During these hot summer periods, the windows and – in particular – the glass cause the cleaning solutions to evaporate very quickly due to the condensation that forms. Hence, cleaning your windows during these periods will necessarily leave unsightly marks on the panes. To do it properly, it’s best to wash your windows when there’s no sun so that they dry less quickly and no marks form.


  • Having the right equipment to get up high


Window cleaning isn’t an action that should be taken lightly, as it’s hard to find the right equipment for the size of your windows. Indeed, if you have bay windows or large glass doors, it won’t be possible to clean them completely if you don’t have equipment such as a stepladder, a ladder, or a footstool. It’s highly recommended not to start climbing on any kind of unstable chair or to play the tightrope walker to try to clean the top of your windows. Even if you don’t fall, the work will probably be shoddy.


  • Being in a safe situation


To continue with the previous point, you should know that not all equipment for getting up high is necessarily suitable for window washing, especially because of the safety aspect. To prevent falls from a height, people who undertake a window cleaning task must therefore have suspension or elevation equipment or scaffolding if the windows are really high and dangerous. If you’re in a professional situation, such as cleaning office windows, the person in charge of the company must take all the necessary precautions to prevent any risk of a workplace accident during this task.


  • Having the right cleaning equipment suited to windows


If you shouldn’t start a window washing operation in a hurry without safe equipment, you also shouldn’t do it without the right cleaning products suited to windows – that is, to glass – unless you want numerous unsightly marks to appear after your work. To do it right, the most suitable equipment is a squeegee with different-sized handles to access everywhere, a scraper with a handle to eliminate embedded grease, dampeners to moisten, and a good special glass cleaning product in a rectangular bucket.


Within the context of a big spring cleaning, and especially after winter and the snow have left numerous marks on all the windows at your home or workplace, don’t hesitate to entrust the window washing task to a company that specializes in cleaning this surface. In addition to ensuring a high level of safety and service, the cleaning of your windows by experts will be carried out with products that are good for your health and for the environment.

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