Spring Cleaning: Don’t Forget About Your Garage!

Each year, many families decide to do a big spring cleaning, which lets them approach the summer with peace of mind and regain a healthy home before the beautiful days arrive. Are you thinking of cleaning your house from top to bottom? Don’t forget about your garage!

1 – Empty the garage to clean it

To do a spring cleaning, you’ll need to show some courage and empty your garage completely. This will let you access all the areas, even the dirtiest ones!

Get to work early in the morning, because you’ll definitely need several hours to complete this task. Begin by emptying the garage on a nice day. Once all the items have been taken out, you can dust them in the open air, which will prevent the dust from spreading inside the garage.

While your equipment and all your items are stored outside, you can start the cleaning.

2 – Clean the floor and walls of the garage

For this spring cleaning, you should clean the floor with plenty of water. If it’s a tile floor and it’s studded with oil stains, you can use a special hydrocarbon degreaser. If it’s concrete, you’ll need to soap up the floor and brush it vigorously to remove the marks.

Above all, don’t sweep in your garage, as you risk moving the dust around and having to wait for it to settle again before you can finally do the cleaning. Instead, use a water jet and a stiff-bristled brush; that way, you’ll be able to remove the mud and dust easily. For more stubborn stains, use baking soda. Sawdust can also help you get rid of oil stains.

If your floor shows signs of rust, use a specific anti-rust product and rinse thoroughly with clear water.

Are your walls dirty and full of dust? Use a water jet to loosen the fluff, then scrub the walls with a push broom. Pay special attention to the electrical outlets.

All done? Give your garage time to dry before moving on to the next step.

3 – Install the right furniture

These days, there are many pieces of equipment that let you save a lot of space. For example, you can buy hooks to hang your bicycles, racks to place your coat hangers, etc. Some sliding coat racks are very practical.

For your tools, you can opt for wall-mounted furniture or shelves that can be installed.

Taking out all your things will let you sort them. In principle, your garage should be much less cluttered once you’ve done the spring cleaning. Take advantage of this opportunity to organize a garage sale: that way, you’ll earn a few bucks while enjoying a clean and tidy garage!

4 – Put away your things

Is your furniture ready to receive your items and knick-knacks? All that’s left for you to do is to put away all your things and make sure they’re organized. Take the time to note what’s in the boxes, for example. In addition, consider placing the tools that you use most often in an easily accessible area.

5 – Prepare your garage for the year to come

A garage gets dirty very quickly, so you should prepare it so that it doesn’t get too exposed to dirt. You can place pieces of cardboard under the wheels of your vehicle or in the area where oil leaks are starting to form. In addition, place a mat at the entrance of the garage for you to wipe your shoes before entering.

These few tips will help you regain a clean and practical garage.

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