Tips on residential carpet cleaning

Tips on residential carpet cleaning

Clean your carpets to get rid of stubborn dirt

In the winter, it’s de-icing salt, calcium or melting snow. And in the summer, it’s gravel or grass that sticks to the souls of your sandals.

Your home’s rugs and carpets are rarely immune from the ravages of weather, harmful pollutants or everyday mishaps. After all, a glass of grape juice is easy to spill. That’s why proper cleaning is so important to prevent premature wear and tear on these floor coverings that enhance the beauty of your home.

And the best way to do it is to call on specialists who really know how to restore your carpeting to its youthful appearance. A deep-cleaning with hot water, soap or even steam will help dislodge the dirt and hundreds of bacteria and allergens that can become embedded in your carpet.

Some of the things commonly found in rugs and carpets include:

Human and pet saliva

Tar residue

– Hair

 Dead skin cells

 Traces of vomit and excrement

That’s why carpet cleaning is necessary at least once a year in any home. And in the case of a business, it’s recommended to do it even more often. Regular vacuuming is helpful, but in the end, it just doesn’t cut it. Sure, it gets rid of dust, but to remove embedded dirt, animal fur and stubborn debris, it’s imperative to have your carpet deep-cleaned.


Experience and know-how

Thanks to our use of truck mounts, our special techniques and our incomparable experience, our services are virtually indispensable.

We use only the best available products, and our highly qualified technicians are specialists in their field. We’re experts in hot-water cleaning, carpet shampooing, extraction cleaning and steam cleaning.

The products we use are non-toxic, so they pose no danger to you, your children or your pets. Once we’re finished, your immediate environment will be clean and safe.


Efficient, flexible and professional

We offer flexible service, during daytime and evening hours and even on weekends. As soon as we arrive, we’ll get to work on cleaning your rugs and carpets, and you’ll be able to walk on them safely as soon as we leave.

We’re not only efficient; we’re also attentive to your needs and requirements.

      You’ll be satisfied

      You’ll enjoy a clean environment

      Your rugs and carpets will be free of pollutants, allergens, animal dander and dust mites

      We’ll use only the best-quality products

      Our friendly, thorough technicians will make every effort to provide exceptional customer service

For convenient carpet cleaning services to keep them beautiful and to keep you and your family healthy, you can rely on the experts at Nettoyeur de la Cité, who not only know their business inside and out, but are also ready to respond quickly in order to provide you with a free estimate.


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