Why Choose a Steam Cleaner for Your Floors?

When it comes to commercial and residential cleaning, using a steam cleaner for your floors has become a must. Appreciated for its many qualities, it makes everyday cleaning chores easier and lets you save time and be less tired. Discover the other qualities of this cleaning machine.

What is a Steam Cleaner?

Similar to a vacuum cleaner, a steam cleaner is equipped with a tank on wheels to which a tube topped with a steam distributor nozzle is connected. Its cleaning action helps remove even the deepest and most stubborn dirt and rids surfaces of dust. Manufacturers generally offer them with different nozzles that allow for the optimal cleaning of different surfaces. In addition to floors, a steam cleaner can also clean vehicles, clothes, furniture, and even dirty household appliances very well. There are several types of models: handheld, sweepers, with canisters, or mixed (vacuum and steam cleaner).

The Qualities of a Steam Cleaner for Your Floors

  • Allows for economical, eco-friendly cleaning: Because a steam cleaner works through the sheer force of the steam to remove dirt and leave floors spotlessly clean, it doesn’t require any detergent, just electricity. These machines are therefore economical and environmentally friendly, since they use only a small amount of water heated to 100°C to turn it into steam.
  • Effectively cleans all types of floors: A steam cleaner offers the advantage of having a very wide range of uses on large surfaces. It can be used to clean a house, a patio, a commercial space, or a warehouse. In fact, it cleans all types of floors, tiles, carpets, parquet, and rugs very well.
  • Allows for fast and easy cleaning: Thanks to the saturated dry steam that it produces through the transformation of water, a steam cleaner has a powerful detergent effect that cleans floors deeply and dissolves the vast majority of substances. A steam cleaner therefore lets you clean complex or very dirty floors and other surfaces without tiring yourself out and while saving time. With a nozzle that wipes, it also lets you save time and even eliminate the wiping phase of the cleaning.
  • Also disinfects floors: The most powerful steam cleaners on the market are capable of cleaning perfectly as well as disinfecting floors in depth – that is, removing dust, mites, and any other allergens without leaving any greasy substances behind after their use. For example, if you suffer from an allergy to dust mites, opting for a vacuum/steam cleaner will change your life and free you from the multiple tasks involved in getting rid of these pests.
  • Flexible use and suitable for all budgets: Available in all price ranges and for all budgets, steam cleaners are also available for all types of uses. You’ll find them with various accessories and different options, such as steam flow adjustment, the radius of action, the weight of the machine, and ease of storage, to make your cleaning tasks easier.

If steam cleaning is an alternative you need to clean a surface or a very dirty floor, but you don’t want to buy your own machine, rely on a professional cleaning company to carry out this task with a steam cleaner.

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