10 Tips for Using a Steam Cleaner on a Sofa

It’s a fact: a sofa is a very dirty item. Pieces of our food get stuck in the cracks, drinks get spilled on the fabric, and pets leave their hair clinging to it. All this in addition to the fact that cleaning a sofa or a chair made of fabric isn’t always easy. If you can clean a sofa with a steam cleaner, this is the simplest solution. However, you need to take a few precautions to prevent the steam cleaner from damaging your sofa.

Using a Steam Cleaner on a Sofa

Steam cleaners let you clean sofas in depth. Without any detergent, the device dissolves dirt, grease, stains, and odours very quickly. It’s a great way to sanitize the surface while respecting the environment. A steam cleaner works through the principle of injection/extraction. The water is injected then immediately sucked up along with the dirt in a single operation. Steam cleaning is therefore particularly suitable for people with allergies, and it allows for the efficient cleaning of interiors with pets. Most steam cleaners have a nozzle specially designed for cleaning fabrics and sofas of all sorts. The steam cleans any type of fibre, even leather, dislodging dirt and removing stains. Take the special nozzle for your steam cleaner, attach it to your device, and apply the steam all over the surface without spilling onto your furniture or your floors! The heat released by the steam helps kill dust mites, lift embedded dust, and – of course – remove any stains.

Tips and things to know about using a steam cleaner

Before using the steam cleaner on a sofa

  • Dust the sofa thoroughly using a vacuum cleaner with a special nozzle for fabric to remove the biggest dirt.
  • Remove as much hair and lint as possible with an adhesive roller specially designed for this purpose.
  • Conduct a test on part of the fabric of your sofa to avoid accidents, especially for colours that could fade.
  • Close the zippers on the cover or the couch cushions firmly
  • Protect any visible wood and decorative elements that may not appreciate steam, because water isn’t suitable for all elements! In particular, you can put cardboard on your floors and on your furniture to protect them during the operation.
  • Never use steam on a sofa made of velvet or acrylic fibres, which can’t handle moisture.

During the steam cleaning

  • Work the fabrics in the direction of their design to avoid damaging their aesthetics and even to enhance them.
  • Run the steam cleaner slowly over your sofa to work the material evenly.
  • Clean the whole surface of your sofa, not just the stained area, to sanitize the entirety of your furniture.
  • Stop the cleaning if the dyes on the fabric of your sofa start bleeding, if the colour fades, or if the patterns on the fabrics change.

If the stains present on your sofa don’t disappear despite the use of your steam cleaner, if you don’t have a steam cleaner, or if you don’t have time to take care of cleaning your sofa, don’t hesitate to rely on a specialized company. Experienced professional cleaners can take care of this task for you and make your sofa look like new again thanks to their professional equipment and their knowledge of the products tailored to each of the different sofa materials.

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