Cleaning Food Stains

Whether you are clumsy or not, a food stain is inevitable from time to time. A meal in front of the TV, a good evening with friends, a children’s party, a breakfast in bed; all these events are synonymous with small food accidents on your fabric or leather furniture, your carpets, rugs and sometimes even your mattress!

It is important in the first place to identify the nature of the stain, because to all food stains, its precise remedy. In addition, the speed with which treatments are carried out is essential to ensure the success of the cleaning task.

A colourless glass cleaner containing ammonia will be a great ally against stubborn food stains such as tomato sauce but be careful it should not be used on fabrics containing silk or wool! Spray the stain and leave on for a few minutes. Then wipe the stain with a clean cloth and rinse it thoroughly with cold water. Use a sponge to blot the excess liquid and let it dry. 

For grease stains, adapt your cleaning technique to the type of fabric to be treated. On wool, for example, apply some egg white and leave on for a few minutes before rinsing with cold water. For other fabrics, try black soap. This household product, 100% natural and biodegradable, is made with vegetable oils and often the one made with olive oil is the best one. Definitely use it on food stains on your leather sofas, because in addition to its cleaning properties it will maintain and nourish the leather. Pour a little black soap on a clean cloth and gently rub your leather couch and rinse with warm water.

Another 100% natural product that crossed the Atlantic Ocean to help us in the fight against food stains is the Terre de

Sommières. This very fine clay powder has impressive absorbent capacities; it can retain its weight in liquid up to 80 times! Here again quick action is recommended so as not to give time to the stain to embed itself. First, remove as much spillage as possible, then sprinkle this precious earth on the stain and leave it to act between one and three hours, for tough stains even try all night, then vacuum. The Terre de Sommières, also called Marnes Décrassantes, Terre à foulon or soap of Fez, can be used on your carpets, your leather furniture, your mattresses, your tiles, your textiles and even on wood. 

A well-known duo for tackling food stains is also baking soda combined with a little white vinegar. Any food stains on your rugs will disappear within minutes when you use these products in combination. To do this, pour the white vinegar directly on the stain and sprinkle liberally the bicarbonate to cover the area to be treated. Let it bubble for a few minutes then rub with a damp white cloth. Once your rug is dry, you can vacuum it. 

But sometimes our best efforts remain in vain, and the only solution is to call on specialists in the food stain cleaning business. You will easily recognize quality experts, as they will be equipped with ultra-powerful truck mount units and will use biodegradable products of professional quality. Your furniture, carpets, rugs and mattresses will thank you in the end!

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