How to Clean a Carpet Stained with Oil Without Discolouring It

Eliminating an oil stain on a carpet requires that numerous precautions be taken. The oil seeps into the fibres very quickly and becomes particularly difficult to remove. To successfully eliminate them, some people make bad decisions and unwittingly discolour their carpets despite only wanting to remove a simple grease stain. How to clean a carpet without damaging it? Here’s a look at some different possible methods.

Soak Up the Oil as Quickly as Possible

The first thing you should do to remove a fresh oil stain is to soak it up as quickly as possible. To do this, you can use:

Paper Towels

As soon as possible, dab the stained area with paper towels. Don’t hesitate to use several if a substantial amount of oil has been spilled. This will let you prevent the stain from spreading and the fibres from being completely soaked with grease.

Talcum Powder

Much like paper towels, talcum powder will absorb the grease and prevent it from sticking to the carpet. It’s a fast solution that can reduce the damage. You should then vacuum to remove the talcum powder.

Earth of Sommières

Little known, Earth of Sommières is an excellent natural stain remover. It’s a clay that has been used since the 19th century that comes from the village of Sommières in the south of France. Ideal for removing grease stains on carpets, it’s 100% natural, non-flammable, and non-toxic.


You don’t have talcum powder or Earth of Sommières at your disposal, but you’ve just stained your carpet with an oil product? You can attempt to absorb the oil quickly with a little flour. However, be careful not to create clumps, which could be even harder to eliminate (especially if you let them dry accidentally).

Vacuum Before Cleaning

Before cleaning your carpet, you should make sure that it’s clean and contains no dust that – once wet – becomes hard to remove. Of course, you should also make sure that the head of your vacuum cleaner is clean and not rusty.

Soapy Water

Soapy water is usually a safe bet, especially if the soap is mild and well diluted. To clean the carpet, just soak a sponge or a cloth in your soapy water and delicately clean the dirty area by making very gentle rotations. Be careful, however, if your carpet or rug is very delicate, since even slightly soapy water can discolour the fibres and diffuse the colour or mix it with the neighbouring colours.

What About Stain Removers?

Stain removers should be avoided when cleaning a carpet. Overly aggressive, they should only be used after conducting a prior test on a hidden part of the carpet (behind or beneath a piece of furniture, for example). Stain removers often appeal to consumers, who appreciate them for their speed and convenience, but they can seriously alter the colours of your carpet, and their effect is irreversible.

Call in a Professional

Do you have a carpet or rug that you’re particularly attached to that has been stained and you don’t know how to remove the dirt without discolouring the fibres? Before engaging in improvised cleaning, you can certainly contact a professional. They’ll be able to offer you solutions and take care of your carpet so that it regains its original appearance. What might seem complex to you is very simple for them; in no time, they’ll solve a problem that you may never have been able to overcome without the right tools.

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