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How to Clean Tiles in the Kitchen?

How do you clean tiles? Often, when you’ve just bought a house or after renovating, the floor gets so dirty that a simple, ordinary floor cleaning isn’t enough to make it shine again. Whether it’s old tiling, in a room inside, or a floor on a patio or balcony, follow our advice to clean very dirty tiles.

When you’re facing lime, grease, bacteria, embedded stains, or burns, don’t despair! You should know that there are solutions for getting rid of all sorts of dirt in the simplest way for you!

Cleaning Dirty Wall Tiles

Many people invest in wall tiles to cover the walls of their kitchen, because it’s a very attractive and decorative element. However, even if it’s easier to degrease than a traditional wall covering, when it takes on grease every day and isn’t cleaned regularly, degreasing it becomes increasingly complicated. To say goodbye to accumulated grease, you should arm yourself with a good concentrated soap. Then, prepare a mixture by diluting this soap in a bowl of water and add a small amount of ammonia. Using this mixture, scrub the dirtiest areas of your wall tiles then the entire surface until there’s no more grease at all.

The Best Economical and Eco-Friendly Degreasers for Your Tiles

To degrease the tiles found on a floor, in your bathroom, or in your kitchen, you should equip yourself with an effective degreaser. It’s best for it to be both economical and eco-friendly in order to protect the health of the people who live there by avoiding chemicals. To do this, turn to black soap, white vinegar, soda crystals, and citric acid (a natural, plant-based acid). If the grease or the burns don’t disappear with these products and all the elbow grease that you’ve applied to this task, you can also use a steam cleaner. Steam mixed with a cleaning product is highly effective at making all sorts of dirt, grease, and embedded burns disappear.

The equipment needed to clean your tile floor perfectly

  • The floor cleaner of your choice,
  • A sponge,
  • A dry mop,
  • Cleaning gloves.

Cleaning greasy tiles in 4 steps

1 – Begin by protecting your hands with cleaning gloves. Even if you’re using eco-friendly cleaning products, the thin skin on your hands doesn’t have to bear the reactions of the mixtures.

2 – Create your cleaning solution by mixing (for example) 5 large tablespoons of citric acid with a litre of hot water. If using black soap, dilute two spoonfuls, and for white vinegar, dilute 1 part product in 2 parts hot water.

3 – Clean your dirty tiles vigorously with a push broom or a large sponge soaked in your cleaning mixture.

4 – Then, rinse the tiles generously with clear water and wipe with a dry mop.

To keep a tile floor clean and healthy, you should perform this operation regularly. If the tile is in your kitchen, you can clean it when you cook and create splashes on the floor. If the tiles on your floor or wall are too dirty or if you need to clean a space that you’ve just recovered, don’t hesitate to rely on a professional cleaning company to refresh your tiles or your new home!

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