How to Clean Walls with Stain Resistant Paint?

The question to ask yourself first and foremost is whether your paint is really washable. If, and only if, you’re sure that you have stain resistant paint, you’ll be able to clean your walls easily. The washing of the walls can be part of a big cleaning carried out from time to time or at each change of the seasons to freshen up and sanitize your interior.

The paints that can be washed are those that are designed to be resistant to moisture:

  • Gloss paint
  • Semi-gloss paint
  • 100% acrylic paint
  • Matte-finish paint
  • Moisture-resistant paint
  • Latex paint

Wash your walls yourself

To wash your walls yourself, you’ll need sponges, two buckets, a soft cloth, hot water, a tarp, a feather duster, and soda crystals or detergent suitable for walls. To start, place the tarp on the ground, put on gloves, and dust the walls with your feather duster. Then, begin the washing by making a mixture of one glass of crystals per litre of water. The best way to clean your wall is to always work from the bottom to the top of the wall, climbing little by little with circular movements. Once you’ve finished doing that, rinse your walls immediately. To do that, just moisten a large vegetable sponge in hot water, then wring it out, which will let you easily remove the product from the walls. Perform this operation as you move along the walls with the detergent or soda crystals. Then, dry the damp walls with a soft, clean cloth. If excess grease is present on your walls, you can also apply a mixture of baking soda and water to degrease the walls thoroughly and make the traces disappear.

Rely on a professional cleaning company

If your walls are very dirty, if they’re high, or if you need to have your ceilings and your whole interior cleaned for a big seasonal cleaning, you can also rely on a specialized cleaning company. Indeed, some manoeuvres can be complex to perform due to a lack of professional equipment and may even be dangerous, especially when it comes to cleaning jobs at height, which require safety equipment. A cleaning company can do a big spring cleaning of your house quickly with professional equipment and products that will offer you outstanding quality and lasting results.

Non-stain resistant paint

If your paint isn’t washable and you therefore can’t get it wet or scrub your walls, then you’ll need to opt for alternative solutions to preserve your paint. In particular, you can try to use a magic anti-mark sponge that lets you remove stains and marks. You can also try to scrub the stains on your paint with a potato cut in two, because the starch contained in potatoes is known to remove stains. If you opt for this solution, remember to wipe the wall after scrubbing it with the potato.

In conclusion, consider washing your walls after touching them up and applying new coats of paint to them to keep the paint looking fresh for as long as possible. Finally, if you’re about to choose a type of paint to renovate your walls, consider stain resistant paint types so that you can carry out a regular cleaning of your interior from the walls to the ceiling and so that you don’t have to worry about stains and splashes anymore.

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