How to Remove Cat Pee Smell from a Carpet Permanently

The smell of cat pee is particularly unpleasant because it’s very strong. When you forget to clean the litter box, and/or the cat decides to do their business in the wrong place – on the carpet, for example – it’s necessary to act as quickly as possible. Besides the nuisances related to the smell, the cat may also recognize their urine and decide to do it again (or indirectly encourage their neighbours to do it!).

Are you wondering how to remove cat pee smell? Here are some tips that will undoubtedly help you put an end to this stubborn odour.

Soak Up the Urine

If the urine is still fresh, you should soak it up very quickly so that it doesn’t seep into the fibres. To do this, you can use some paper towel or a soft and porous cloth (which you should throw away afterwards or clean in the washing machine at a high temperature).

Is the urine already dry? You can lightly moisten the affected area with cold water and soak up as much of the urine there as possible. Avoid rubbing, and simply dab the carpet with your paper towel.

This technique alone won’t let you get rid of the smell, but it may eliminate most of your cat’s urine. You can then use the methods suggested below.

Steam Clean

Do you have a steam cleaner? Good news! This will help you get rid of this annoying smell. Thanks to its high temperature, steam is ideal for disinfecting.

Run your steam cleaner along the area to be treated without using detergent or ammonia. If you want to use a detergent, you should test it first on a small, hidden part of the carpet. Finally, make sure your carpet can withstand a very high temperature. Carpets made of synthetic materials, for example, are not always resistant to this type of operation. Look into this before using this method.

Alternative Solutions

A Lemony, Disinfecting Mixture

The first household remedy involves mixing together a tablespoon of baking soda, a teaspoon of lemon juice, 3 drops of essential oil of lemon, and a glass of water. Pour this mixture into a spray bottle and shake it to mix the ingredients. Spray the area to be treated, let dry, then vacuum.

In addition to cleaning and disinfecting the area, this amazing mixture will leave behind a pleasant lemon scent.

Water, Vinegar, and Baking Soda

The second household remedy for eliminating cat pee smell is simple and effective. For this, you just need to mix one-and-a-half cups of hot water with half a cup of white vinegar. Pour an adequate amount of this mixture on the smelly area or spray it. Let work for 3 to 5 minutes, then dry with paper towels. For greater effectiveness, you can also sprinkle some baking soda on the area where the cat did their business. Wait until the area is totally dry, then vacuum.


All these tips are reserved for simple rugs and carpets that don’t require special care. If you want to treat an oriental carpet or a wool carpet, for example, it’s better to avoid taking the risk of cleaning them yourself. Calling in a professional is the only way to completely eliminate the odour without damaging the carpet. Creating a ring on a beautiful rug while trying to clean up cat pee would be an unfortunate experience, so before making a mistake, don’t hesitate to contact a professional.

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