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Our Cleaning Tips for Confined Spaces

The most confined spaces of a house or a building hosting professional spaces are real hiding places for germs. Unfortunately, they are also more or less enclosed spaces that are very hard to access for a truly effective cleaning. Here are our most effective cleaning tips for getting rid of germs and making the confined spaces of your home as clean and healthy as possible:

Clean your vacuum cleaner: Because the vacuum cleaner sucks up dirt but also expels air, it moves the germs and bacteria present all over the house when you use it hoping to clean your interior. To prevent the germs from spreading everywhere, or a little less, you should regularly throw away the dust bag and clean the filter as often as possible. Vacuum cleaners and their accessories are great nests for bacteria. However, you should be aware that some modern vacuum cleaners are equipped with a system that only expels clean air.

Give your interior a big spring cleaning: Once or twice a year, and especially when the seasons change, it’s a good idea to give your interior a big spring cleaning to get rid of the germs and bacteria that may be hidden in the confined spaces. A big spring cleaning lets you:

  • Purify the air in your house
  • Make your interior shine
  • Clean all the surfaces
  • Eliminate any trace of dirt
  • Regain total well-being
  • Put your things in order

Choose your disinfectants well: In confined spaces, there’s a tendency to clean and disinfect the space too much using extremely aggressive chemical detergents to reassure yourself that you’ve eliminated the germs. However, you should know that these products have an impact on the environment, the air you breathe, and therefore the health of the occupants. These products can be much more harmful than some germs! So consider using the most neutral detergents possible. Generally speaking, the longer a product’s list of ingredients, the more harmful it is! It’s best to use scent-free cleaning products with a plant-based cleansing base.

Regularly air out confined spaces: When we allow the air to renew itself by opening the windows for a few hours or even a few minutes a day, the results are there: the germs and bacteria fly away. If a space is confined, you’ll have to find some way to create ventilation, such as by installing a hatch that lets the air pass through it and renew itself regularly.

Opt for high-pressure cleaning: Depending on the type of confined space that you want to clean without the risk of damaging it, you can opt for high-pressure cleaning using a special machine. Whether it’s for industrial cleaning or cleaning a rather confined space, the high pressure lets you powerfully clean the hardest areas to clean by hand, as well as furniture. High-pressure cleaning lets you clean even the dirtiest areas quickly and efficiently.

If the confined space that you need to clean to sanitize your interior is too full of embedded dirt and grime, don’t hesitate to call on cleaning professionals who have the experience to get rid of everything that’s unbearable for you to clean. A company that specializes in cleaning has the high-pressure equipment you need and will do a thorough cleaning with products that respect your health as well as the environment.

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