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Understanding Injection-Extraction Carpet Cleaning

To clean your carpet thoroughly, why not try the injection-extraction method? If you don’t know how to proceed, you’re in the right place to understand the method and breathe new life into your carpet. Dry cleaning and cleaning with shampoo are effective at maintaining and reviving a carpet, but the injection-extraction method lets you clean the carpet in depth, to the heart of its fibres.

What is the injection-extraction carpet cleaning method?

The injection-extraction method is carried out using a specific machine called an injector extractor for rugs and carpets. You can find this special machine for sale or rely on a cleaning company for a complete cleaning of your interior and your hardest-to-clean items. The injection-extraction machine works by spraying a special, non-foaming cleaner suited to the machine, which is spread over the carpet, then sucked back into the machine again. This method, which cleans then sucks the product up right after, ensures a deep cleaning of the natural or synthetic fibres of your carpet.

The steps involved in the injection-extraction carpet cleaning method

1 – Prepare the entire surface of the carpet

Start by putting on shoe covers, then remove everything on your carpet, as well as the furniture in contact with or nearby the surface to be cleaned. Then, vacuum the entire surface. Use a powerful device such as a vacuum cleaner with a brush nozzle to try to remove as much dirt as possible before using the injection-extraction method. You must also remove the stains with a stain remover suited to your carpet.

2 – Cleaning your carpet with injection extraction

Begin by placing the injection-extraction machine in a corner of the room, then plug it into an outlet as close as possible to the floor. If the surface of your carpet is extremely dirty, you’ll need to pre-spray with the injector-extractor rod so that the solvents can break up the dirt and free it from the carpet fibres. If your carpet isn’t very dirty, however, you can go right to the injection extraction. Begin the injection at the edges of your carpet. To do this, deposit the solution, then return to the surface with the suction head of the rod to remove the solution that you’ve just deposited. Proceed like this along the entire surface of the carpet.

Be careful: When you’re about to finish depositing the solution, make sure to stop the spraying a few centimetres before the end of the surface that you’re cleaning.

3 – Rinsing the solution on the carpet

To remove the excess cleaning products, and only if this is necessary, you can rinse your carpet with a small, portable cleaning device in which you insert clear water instead of a cleaning product. If you used a product specially tailored to the injection-extraction machines, you normally won’t need to perform this rinsing step.

4 – Drying the surface

To finish your carpet cleaning, you need to dry the surface that you’ve just cleaned. To do this, you can use fans that you should make blow in several different directions to facilitate the movement of the air across the carpet fibres.

If you don’t want to purchase this machine, rely on a cleaning company that has the right equipment. An injection extraction cleaning will clean and disinfect your carpet thoroughly while taking care of the delicate fibres of your carpet.

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