When and how to maintain your air exchanger filter

When and how to maintain your air exchanger filter

Your air exchanger is nothing less than the lungs of your home. Not only does it allow proper air circulation in each room, but it also removes suspended particles from the air. So your filter better be clean! Have you given any thought to doing maintenance on it? Do you even know where it is? Nettoyeur de la Cité urges you to maintain the filter in your air exchanger regularly. If you don’t, you’re putting your home and its occupants at risk.

Air exchanger filter maintenance: a regular task

If you’ve never touched the filter in your air exchanger, it’s high time you put this task on your to-do list! In fact, maintenance should be performed on this filter every three months; otherwise it can become clogged, leading to serious consequences. The purpose of your filter is to trap the dust and various allergens suspended in your home’s air (animal dander, organic residue, sawdust, etc.). The good news is that your filter does a very good job of capturing most of it. The bad news is that, since it does such a great job, you have to clean it frequently!

If you fail to ensure that the filter in your air exchanger gets regular maintenance, it can not only become clogged, but can also create negative pressure in your home. When the filter is blocked, the air is easily expelled from your home, but it has trouble entering the filter. The result? The air enters your home by any means possible, coming in through every little crack and crevice, which are much more numerous than you can imagine. Furthermore, failing to clean your filter could necessitate a more thorough cleaning of your air exchanger and all of its components, including the fans, the core and the ducts. So don’t cut corners when it comes to maintaining your filter!

Air exchanger filter maintenance: types of filters

It’s possible that your air exchanger is equipped with washable filters. In that case, remove the filters, vacuum the surface and then wash them in warm water with mild soap. Rinse thoroughly and let them air-dry. For filters that need to be replaced, make sure you purchase the same type of filter, whether carbon, foam, pleated or otherwise. If you don’t have the instruction manual to tell you what filter model you need, remove the filter and take it to a professional for advice regarding which one you should buy. And take care when you put the filter back in. If it’s positioned incorrectly in the frame, the air could end up bypassing it.

Cleaning your air exchanger filter: child’s play

Are you unwilling to add any new chores to your already packed schedule? Then have your filter and air exchanger cleaned by a team of professionals! Contact Nettoyeur de la Cité. We’re specialists in every aspect of residential cleaning. We can also tell you how to clean your air exchanger. So don’t hesitate to fill out our convenient online form for a quick, free estimate.

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